Fear the Darkness – Dark Bites – Dark-Hunter Series by Sherrilyn Kenyon

This is just an extra scene about Nick Gautier coming home to New Orleans two years after Hurricane Katrina.

It’s hard reading about Nick’s transformation to the dark side. Before his mom was killed by a Daimon, he was such a goofy, fun-loving and care-free guy…maybe a little too much…and now, he is being eating up by hatred for Acheron and thoughts of revenge. He blames Acheron for the death of his mom and for not bringing her back to life like he did for others they know. He thinks Acheron did it to get back at him for sleeping with his adopted daughter, Simi but there are things Acheron just can’t do.

Nick has had a lot of changes since his mother died. He has become a Dark-Hunter. He has also made some kind of deal with the leader of the Daimons, Stryker, who is the sworn enemy of all Dark-Hunters but Nick’s hatred for Acheron has driven him into a deal with Stryker. I am having a hard time remembering the details of Nick’s deal with Stryker and I also can’t remember if Nick even knows that he is the Malachai yet but it isn’t mentioned in this piece so I am assuming he does not know yet. The only thing I do know is that he is sharing blood with Stryker so they are both more powerful but Stryker can see what Nick sees through his eyes….I think.

Nick goes to visit his mom’s grave for the first time since she was killed and runs into his Aunt Menyara who tells him that Acheron often sends flowers to his mom’s grave. She also tells him that she knows Acheron is a good man and she knows what and who he is. She tells him that Acheron just was not able to bring his mom back to life.

Then Nick walks around for a while and is saddened by how his beloved town looks with all the construction and lack of music and just how much it is the same but different. He looks inside a restaurant and sees his ex-boss Kyrian with his wife and their two children having dinner with Julian and Grace, Vane and Bride, and Valerius and Tabitha. He can understand why Tabitha is there since she is Kyrian’s wife Amanda’s twin sister but Valerius has been Julian and Kyrian’s sworn enemy for thousands of years. Nick is just floored to see them all chatting and laughing like old friends.

Satara, Stryker’s half-sister, shows up and starts telling Nick all kinds of half-truths and lies and trying to fuel Nick’s hatred and tries to turn him against Kyrian. She asks why it is that Amanda gets to go on to have a happy life after Acheron brought her back to life but his mom is dead. She also tells him that Acheron’s mother is Apollymi, The Destroyer, and tells Nick how when she is angered, she releases storms that destroy cities which insinuates that Apollymi was the reason for Hurricane Katrina even though it is untrue but Nick doesn’t know that. She also tells him that Stryker is Apollymi’s son and that she is the actual leader of the Daimons which is also a lie.

She then introduces Nick to a Skoti Dream-Hunter and tells him that the Skoti can bring his mom back to life but Nick has to kidnap Kyrian’s daughter Marissa and take her down to Kalosis, the Atlantean hell realm, before he’ll bring Nick’s mother back to life.

I have to believe that Nick has ulterior motives and plans for working with Stryker and Satara and that he would never really kidnap Marissa but you never know.

This story or scene was super short but very interesting and insightful. Now, I really have to re-read the series to remember everything that happened.

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