Phantom Lover found in Love Bites Short Stories – Dark Hunter Series – Sherrilyn Kenyon

Phantom Lover

Book #2 in Dark Bites by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Dark-Hunter Novellas November 1, 2003

This must have been one of the first books in the Dream-Hunters series of the Dark-Hunter books. Dream-Hunter, Hellchaser and Were-Hunter are all series within the Dark-Hunter series. When I look at the reading order of the series, Dark Bites seems to be the 3rd book in the series but its stories are disbursed throughout the series, not one right after the other nor in the order they are in the book. Even though House of the Rising Son is first in the Dark Bites book, I believe it is one of the later books in the series. Phantom Lover comes before House of the Rising Son so I’m not exactly sure why Phantom Lover is the 2nd story in Dark Bites. I really just think these are novellas that are too short to be released on their own but are part of the Dark-Hunter series and they should be read in reading order but really who is going to do that if they have the book in hand? Okay, I admit. I did. I had totally forgotten that I had actually bought this book back before I went to e-books. I was new to the series and had started reading it after at least a few books had already been written. I’m not sure how many or when exactly I started reading the series but I know that I read this particular book, Phantom Lover, before and I believe I read just a few other stories in Dark Bites and then must have forgotten about it and continued reading books as they were released. I can’t believe I did that.

Okay, if you got through all that, I will actually write about what it was about now.

Erin McDaniels is having vivid nightmares and it is starting to affect her. She’s exhausted. Her co-worker, Chrissy, seems worried about her and refers Erin to go see Chrissy’s boyfriend who happens to be an expert in dream therapy. She goes to see him and tells him about some of her nightmares.

In her most recent nightmare, she dreamt of a dragon who came after her and then a snake-like creature tried to steal her from the dragon and started fighting over her. A dark-haired man in black armor appeared in the dream and saved her. While fighting the man calls the snake Krysti’Ana. I thought it sounded a lot like Chrissy and started feeling suspicious of Chrissy. She didn’t tell the therapist about how the man, V’Aidan, then took her to a secluded woodland area and made love to her.

The therapist, Rick Sword, tells Erin that that there are stories in Greek myth about the children of Phobetor, the Greek god of nightmares, called Skoti who visit peoples dreams and get a high off of their emotions, especially when they are frightened. Usually, they jump from one person’s nightmare to the next and rarely visit the same person but once in a great while, one will gets stuck on a certain human’s nightmares. They suck the energy from the human and the human becomes insane from lack of sleep and exhaustion. To protect humans from this happening, there are the Oneroi, the children of Morpheus, who are supposed to police the Skoti and if one breaks the rules such as visiting one human over and over, they are punished. The Skoti and Oneroi are related somehow and called Dream-Hunters.

V’Aidan is a Dream-Hunter and isn’t supposed to have feelings. His feelings were beat out of him long ago but he is having feelings for Erin. He has never followed the strict rules for Dream-Hunters very well and has been punished repeatedly. Now, he is being punished for visiting Erin’s dreams but he can’t seem to help himself.

At this point, I wondered a little about V’Aidan. He seems to be hiding something because he is worried that Erin would hate him if she knew his true form. The book said a few times that he was the child of Myst so I thought maybe his form was just shadow or vapor.

It seemed impossible for Erin and V’Aidan to have an actual relationship except for in their dreams and because it is against his laws so he would be punished or even put to death for it. And that is what the book is about.

I read it within a few hours and I have already started on the next story in the book. I believe there are 12 stories in all.

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