House of the Rising Son – 1st Book from Dark Bites – Sherrilyn Kenyon

Dark Bites
Dark Bites: A Short Story Collection (Dark-Hunter Novels)

A collection of Dark Hunter novellas

The first story in the book is House of the Rising Son.

I have to include some brief definitions before I start or everyone who has not read any of the Dark Hunter books will be lost.

Apollites – A race of people made by Apollo with the intention that he would one day replace Zeus. He thought that he could create a race superior to humans. Apollites are stronger and taller than humans with psychic powers. Angered by this, Zeus made declared war on them and exiled them to Atlantis.

When the Apollite queen became jealous of Apollo’s beloved mistress, Ryssa, she ordered Ryssa and her newborn’s son to be killed and ripped apart. In sorrow and rage over this, Apollo cursed all Apollites to die painfully on their 27th birthday because that was how old Ryssa was. They also could no longer live in the daylight and had to live only off of Apollite blood. In doing this, he also cursed his son, Stryker.

Some Apollites live longer because they have learned that if they suck the souls out of humans, it extends their lives but they have to keep a steady diet of souls to live.

Atlanteans – A race of people who are stronger than humans. They have their own set of gods.

Chthonians – Humans, Atlanteans and Apollites born with godlike powers to protect their people against gods who would abuse them. They have the ability to slay a god without upsetting the balance of the universe. But for every god they slay, they lose some of their power and they will die if they kill too many gods.

It starts out in 12,252 BC. The Chthonians are at war with each other so the Egyptian goddess Bathymaas, goddess of justice (She was created as the daughter of Set, not born but created, to keep him grounded) took it upon herself to gather a group of warriors to defend the people.

One of the reasons Bathymaas is good at being the goddess of justice is because she has no emotions. She is kind but she does not get humor nor sarcasm. She does not feel love or hatred so she does not favor one over another and it makes her the perfect goddess for the job.

Under the command of Caleb Malphas, a powerful demonspawn or daeva demon, Bathymaas chooses six warriors, two from each race. The two Atlanteans she chooses are the twins, Aricles and Galen.

Galen loves fighting but Aricles would rather be a farmer and help his father out on his land. But he agrees to be one of Bathymaas’ elite warriors when she comes to visit his brother and him.

Many gods are angered by this elite squad of warriors, mainly Apollo. I really didn’t understand the reason but Apollo is always a jerk so I didn’t question it too much. He keeps sending out people to fight them but the warriors keep winning.

Bathymaas starts feeling emotions and falls in love with Aricles and Aricles falls in love with her. They hide it from everyone since other gods would not understand her love for a human nor her emotions. Also, her father might kill Aricles if he finds out.

Apollo loves to start trouble for Bathymaas because he has always hated her. It stems from long ago when his mother, Leto, was pregnant with Apollo and his twin, Artemis when Hera became jealous so she cursed Leto. Leto believed that Bathymaas should punish Hera but Bathymaas disagreed, saying that Hera had a right to her own justice since it was Leto who had seduced Hera’s husband Zeus. Since then, Apollo has absorbed his mother’s hatred for her and he also wants Bathymaas. He is always trying to force Bathymaas to have sex with him or rubbing up on her and grabbing her. One of these times she struggles with him and Aricles strikes Apollo to defend her so Apollo takes offense. He demands that Bathymaas punish Aricles for striking a god but Bathymaas says that he was just in doing it since he was protecting her, a goddess.

Apollo and his mother, Leto devise a plan to ruin Bathymaas and her warriors.

I don’t want to ruin the book for anyone but the ending was a bit of a shocker. This storyline is continued (14,000 years later) in the book Styxx which I have read but didn’t connect it until I looked up a few things on Sherrilyn’s website.

I think I may have read the next story in the book but I’ve been thinking about re-reading the entire Dark Hunter series anyway so I am going to go ahead and read it. But first, Dragonbane was just released by Sherrilyn Kenyon today so I am going to read that before I do anything else…like sleep or eat.

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