The Medium – Emily Chambers Spirit Medium Trilogy #1 – C.J. Archer

This is the tenth book in Paranormal 13, a book with 13 paranormal stories written by various authors.

After gagging a little on the overly polite banter and behavior of the main character Emily, and her sister Celia, I enjoyed this book. I don’t know why but I caught myself giving both Emily and Celia annoyingly high-pitched and pretentious voices while I read. I probably have watched too many movies with women like this like North and South and Pride and Prejudice. I have a hard time taking a woman serious when she cares too much about etiquette and manners and how they appear to polite society or the upper class. Luckily, Emily soon showed that she didn’t really care about any of this.

Emily is a medium in 1880 London. She and her much older sister Celia who must have been in her early 30s make money by having séances and calling the spirits of loved ones for people around London. Their séances have become quite popular in the parlors of many women and widows in the city.

After calling up a ghost who refused to return back to the “Waiting Room”, the place where all spirits go while waiting to be sent to next world, Celia starts chanting something foreign sounding while holding on to her new necklace, an amulet shaped like a start and made of brass that she purchased from a door to door peddler. Celia likes things to look authentic by having Ouija Boards and other superstitious whatnots layed-out even though none of that is really necessary for Emily to call on a spirit so when Emily sees Celia’s new necklace, she doesn’t think much of it. But when Celia starts chanting, a shapeshifting shadow appears and takes the form of a wolf. It tries to bite Emily but then disappears. Emily asks Celia what she had chanted and Celia explains to her that the woman who sold her the amulet told her to say the chant three times if she ever needed to solve something.

When the sisters arrive home, a man is waiting for them by their door. He looks solid unlike other ghosts so Emily didn’t think he was a ghost until she realized her sister couldn’t see him. The ghost, Jacob, tells her that the chant released a dangerous shapeshifting demon and he was sent by the administrators of the Waiting Room to oversee and guide Emily until the demon is caught and sent back to the Other World.

Emily and Jacob embark on a mission to find out who the peddler woman is that sold Celia the amulet and to find out who is responsible for releasing the demon…besides Celia who was just an unfortunate pawn in someone else’s game.

Emily and Jacob start to fall in love with each other which sounds weird but Emily can actually touch and feel him. He isn’t transparent like you would think a ghost would be. But Jacob needs to cross over to find peace, at least, that is what Emily believes. Even if he doesn’t, he will always be young while she ages so a relationship would be difficult.

I liked this book and am glad I read it. I probably would have never picked this book to read for myself because I just never thought about a ghost being tangible enough to be a lover so I am glad that this story was included in Paranormal 13 book. It looks like this story is part of a three-part series called Emily Chambers Spirit Medium Trilogy. I’ll have to finish the series sometime soon.

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