Nolander – Emanations #1 – Becca Mills

This is the 9th book in Paranormal 13.

One of the most interesting books I have read in a long time! Becca Mills has created a unique plot and characters where I was able to lose myself for hours at a time. Elizabeth Ryder has been forced into a strange and magical world. It’s still the same world but she discovers that there are other beings few people can see living amongst us.

Elizabeth is from a small town in Wisconsin. She has had severe panic attacks most of her life. She has taken up photography which relaxes her but when she develops some of her photos, she discovers strange creatures in them so she shows them to her friend while at the local coffee house. Being a small town, everyone in the coffee house started looking at the photos and they all came to the conclusion that someone had played an elaborate hoax on her. The only one she can think of who doesn’t like her is her sister-in-law but when she shows the pictures to her sister-in-law, Justine, she freaks out and slams her door in Beth’s face.

Beth is kidnapped by Williams, the scary man from her darkroom and taken to a local woman’s home. She is told that there are other beings called ‘Second Emanations’ or ‘S-Ems’ in the world and that she has a special talent, like themselves, of being able to see them and that she has powers that she does not know about. People who can see S-Ems are called Nolanders. Soon, she is caught up in the politics and power plays of this strange world.

She is taken to New York where she is forced to work for a powerful S-Em named Cordus who has control over the East Coast. Cordus is able to use mind control to force people to do his bidding. Beth witnessed him using this on one of the S-Ems called a Green Man to try to get information from him. The Green Man ripped himself apart. So Beth is afraid to go against Cordus. Of course, his competitors are even scarier so she has nowhere to turn and doesn’t know who to trust.

I’m not sure I could describe this as a romance since there wasn’t much romance going on in the book but maybe that will develop in the following books of the series. It looks like there are three books in the series so far, a full second book and another novella following that one. Her WordPress site didn’t have any information about upcoming releases….well, it could have in one of her blogs but it wasn’t anywhere easy to access…so I am not sure if there will be more books. I hope there will be.

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