Following Other People’s Blogs on WordPress

I love going to my “Reader” and looking at what other bloggers with similar interests to my own are writing. I mostly follow blogs that do book reviews on either Historical Romance or Paranormal Romance. The weird thing is though…I can’t find any other bloggers on WordPress who write about Paranormal Romance. My other interests are about sewing, crochet and art.

Today, I thought I would try to follow a few more sites but found I may be either too narrow minded or too picky. I found some sites about books that I would probably never read: books about politics or famous people who write books about themselves. I mean, I have read these type of books like I read a book that Howard stern wrote and another about Lee Iacocca but I am just not that interested in them to follow a blog about them. I also found a few blog sites about books and I may have followed them but their sites were too busy looking. I thought it was great that they had the know-how to be able to stick all that information on the front page of their blog…I am lucky just to know how to write a simple blog and have one thing showing at a time…but I found myself being irritated at their sites because I don’t need all that information and I just don’t have time to go through all of it. I also think that maybe they are promoting other things rather than just sticking to one or two subjects.

I do, however, want to learn how to do more with my site like being able to have polls or contests but find it is hard to find the instructions on WordPress.
I guess, for now, I will continue to just follow the sites that I already follow. They are pretty darned good sites.

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