Darkmoon – The Witches of Cleopatra Hill #3 – Christine Pope

Darkmoon (The Witches of Cleopatra Hill Book 3)

At the end of the last book, I was heartbroken for Angela McAllister who had found her consort or soulmate, Connor Wilcox, but because she had to kill his insane brother, he could not handle being with her anymore. He said that every time that he looked at her, he saw her killing his brother. It was super sad.

Connor’s brother, Damon Wilcox, had been into dark magic and had called upon something so dark that he could not come back from it. He became a skinwalker and turned into a wolf but could not control it and could not turn back into a human. He started killing women who were similar in appearance to Angela because she has thwarted his attempts of becoming her consort but that really was not her fault. After he kidnapped her, she became Connor’s consort. It was fated so how could that be her fault? The elders of the Wilcox clan were sure Damon was lost for good and knew Angela was the only one strong enough to fight him because she is the prima of the McAllister clan. She did fight him and she killed him. It had to be done but Connor is having a hard time with it.

Angela returns to Jerome and tries to live her life without Connor but it is like half her soul is missing and her heart is shredded into pieces. To make matters worse, none of her clan is sympathetic because they have always been rivals of the Wilcox clan. The only one who cares is her friend, Sydney and her boyfriend who are civilians and not witches.

Time goes by pretty fast because she is keeping busy but then she discovers she is pregnant. And that is a BAD thing, not because she is broken up with Connor but because of the Wilcox curse. About 140 years ago, the primus of the Wilcox clan, Jeremiah, was said to have stolen a Navajo woman from her tribe because she had powerful magic. She gave him a son but then died somehow. On her death bed, she cursed Jeremiah. The curse said that all the wives of the primus men in Jeremiah’s line would never live to see their sons grow up and ever since the curse, the wives die within a few years of giving birth. All only give birth to a son, never a daughter. Except for Damon and Connor’s mom. She had Damon and almost ten years later, had Connor but then died when Connor was around three years old.

Angela has to find a way to break the curse or she will die too. The seer, Marie, in the Wilcox clan tells her that she has to go back to the beginning to break the curse…not only the beginning of the curse with Jeremiah Wilcox but to Angela’s beginning. Angela knows nothing about her birth father. Her mother was supposed to have been the prima for her clan but she did not want it so she took off to California. She came back with a baby, Angela. One night, her mother took off to go party on the back of a Harley and died in a wreck. Angela’s Aunt Rachel raised her. All her aunt has is a birth certificate that has a California address on it so Angela decides to go to California and try to find out information about her real father.

This book kept me interested so I kept reading and reading because I wanted to know what would happen. I like the main characters and the secondary characters in this series. This seemed like the last book in the series but I believe there are at least two more but their titles do not start with “Dark” like the first three books in the series do. I think that is because the first three books are written in first-person, by the point of view of Angela McAllister and are about Angela and Connor but the next books have different leading characters. I’m not sure if they are written in first-person or not as I have not yet read them. But I plan to soon.

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