Lord John and the Brotherhood of the Blade – Lord John Grey #2 – Diana Gabaldon

Lord John and the Brotherhood of the Blade: A Novel (Lord John Grey Book 2)

I know. I know. I’m a sucker for sticking with this series but I am glad that I did read this book. It was waaaaay better than the first book which bored me to tears. This one actually had Jamie in it from the Outlander series but it was just a short appearance….and it was kind of a weird encounter. I couldn’t explain it if I tried so I’ll leave it at that.

Lord John Grey is curious about what happened to his father 17 years ago. Everyone believes that the Duke of Pardloe shot himself and therefore tarnished his good name and reputation but John knows that his father did shoot himself because John had come upon his father’s body while sneaking back home one morning after he had been out all night with another local boy playing at the pond. He accidently tripped over the gun which was nowhere near his father’s body. He heard a noise and hid and saw his mother discover his father’s body. He watched as his mother, after she had gone through the shock of finding her husband dead, pick up the gun and put it in her father’s hand to make it look as if he had shot himself. He could only assume that his mother, knowing who the murderer was, was afraid that his brother would try to go after the murderer and it would be too dangerous. For his mother to risk the ruination of his father’s name, the killer must have been a powerful man.

Now, a page of his father’s journal has been left on his brother’s desk and another page sent to his mother. John wants answers and starts looking into the past.

Also, John has started a new relationship with his new step-brother, Percy Wainwright. They seem to get along well together but have to be very discreet when their regiment is sent to fight in Prussia. John, being an officer, gets his own room in a village where the army has set up camp. When another officer asks to borrow a book, John leads that officer and a German officer to his room to get it but when he opens the door, Percy is bent over with a handsome German soldier behind him and it is obvious that they are having sex. John closes the door but not fast enough. The other two soldiers had seen. Percy and the other soldier are taken into custody. If and when they are court martialed, it will mean the death of both Percy and the other soldier…not to mention the stain it will put on John and his brother Hal’s names.

At first John is angry that Percy would cheat on him and be so reckless as to have sex with another man in the middle of a war camp but then he starts feeling bad for Percy. He wonders if there is any way he can keep Percy from hanging at the end of a rope.

If you have read the Outlander books, you know that Percy shows up during the Revolutionary War so he obviously got away somehow but when John and Percy come face to face, there is tension between them. I guess if you haven’t read the Outlander books, I just spoiled a little of the book….oops.

But the book is mostly about solving the complicated murder of his father.

I enjoyed it and wanted to download the next book in the series but I have been low on funds so I have not downloaded it yet.

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