Darknight – Witches of Cleopatra Hill #2 – Christina Pope

Darknight (The Witches of Cleopatra Hill Book 2)

Angela McAllister has been kidnapped by Wilcox clan, a coven of witches who are known for using dark magic and want her because the primus or leader of their clan wants her to be his consort so that she can break a 140 year old curse. Their ancestor, Jeremiah Wilcox, was said to have stolen a Navajo woman who had powerful magic and forced her to be his consort. She gave him a son but for some reason, she died. Before she died, she cursed Jeremiah, saying that all of the primus’ wives will die young and never see their children grown and it has been that way ever since. Each time a primus takes a wife or consort, the woman dies shortly after giving birth to a son.

Angela was stolen from her own bedroom in Jerome, Arizona on her 22nd birthday and taken to Wilcox territory in Flagstaff. Angela is the prima or leader of the McAllister coven of witches. All primas are supposed to find their consort by their 22nd birthday or they don’t come into their full power and Angela has not found hers. She knows he is out there because she has dreamed of him since she was fifteen years old and she knows basically what he looks like even though his face is always a blur in her dreams. She knows he is tall, dark haired and has green eyes. The problem is that her time has run out or will at midnight…then she was kidnapped.

Once her captors had gotten her to Flagstaff, she was laid on a makeshift altar (a pool table) and forced to kiss the Wilcox primus, Damon Wilcox, but the kiss didn’t do anything. A prima or primus knows their consort by a kiss. Angela knows all about kissing men to find a consort. Her aunt had Angela kiss over 40 candidates in order to find her consort and she kissed each one but none of them turned out to be her consort because, apparently, something akin to fireworks happens between a prima and her consort when they kiss and that didn’t happen with any of the candidates…and it didn’t happen with Damon Wilcox either.

Damon looked at a woman in the room who must have been their seer because she told him that she saw Angela’s consort as a Wilcox but she said she didn’t say it was Damon so Damon called over someone named Connor to come kiss Angela. When Connor came over, Angela was shocked because she recognized him but she knew him as Chris Wilson who she met at a Halloween dance in Jerome and he had brown eyes back then not green like he had now. He kissed her and her body went up in fireworks and she knew he was her consort but she was not happy. She couldn’t believe he had lied to her.

Now she is locked in Connor’s apartment with no way out. She knows he is the one she has always dreamed of but how can she trust him?

Of course, they end up liking each other. Connor had to go along with his brother’s plan because his brother is so powerful and he also wants to help his brother break the curse.

After Angela and Connor fall in love, she has to try to convince her McAllister family that Connor is good and that they are in love but her clan is not having it. She decides to stay in Flagstaff and give them time to accept it.

Meanwhile, women near the campus where Damon works are being killed by what authorities are calling a wolf but Angela notices that all of the victims are about her age and resemble her a lot. She thinks Damon has something to do with it because he is angry that she was not his consort and thwarted his plans. She tries to convince Connor of this but he thinks she is being paranoid.

I can’t go into any more of this book without spoiling it but I will say that I cried at the end of this book. I, of course, had to see what happened so I downloaded and started reading the next book immediately.

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