Darkangel (Witches of Cleopatra Hill #1) as found in Paranormal 13 – Christine Pope

The Witches of Cleopatra Hill #1
From Paranormal 13

I WAS HORRIFIED how the character in this book destroyed the historical integrity of a Victorian mansion in Arizona by remodeling it. I have lived in Arizona…briefly, but I know that Victorians are not in abundance there so they should be treasured for what they are. She moved into it and decided she didn’t like the floral wallpaper and all of the antiques so she got rid of it all. She then decorates it in what sounds like a hippy version of the Southwestern style, as if every other house in Arizona isn’t decorated in some sort of Southwestern or Spanish style already. It’s blasphemous! The interior designer in me was cringing and wanting to wring the tasteless ninny’s neck. I was amazed she didn’t put chicken wire on the outside and stucco it. The funny thing is that she didn’t remodel the kitchen or the bathrooms which would be the only thing…in my mind and many Victorian lovers opinions…that would be okay to update.

I’m done ranting. Maybe.

I read this book because it was part of a 13 story paranormal romance set that I downloaded from Amazon for


because I’m broke and have no money to buy books.

At first, I thought it might be aimed towards a younger audience…like teenagers…than what I prefer to read but as I read on, I started really enjoying the story. Even though the main character was only 21, she seemed more mature most of the time—and let’s just put away her decorating taste and her taste in clothing.

Angela McAllister is the future prima or leader of her coven. All primas must find their consort or soulmate before their 22nd birthday to receive their full powers but Angela isn’t having any luck. Despite the parade of candidates that her aunt has marched in front of her, she still hasn’t found her consort. In order to find her consort, she must kiss each candidate. If the man is not her true consort, nothing will happen but if he is…well, she doesn’t know what will happen. She has just been told that she will know. Apparently, there will be some kind of fireworks between them. So far, no one has fit the bill and she only has a few months left to find him.

She’s dreamed of him since she was fifteen. His face remains a mystery but she knows what his profile looks like, he is tall, has dark hair and has green eyes.
There were a few things that bothered me in this book, besides the desecration of the Victorian. Yeah, I just can’t let that go. Angela and her family are supposed to be witches but none of them are very powerful. They can unlock doors and turn on lights using magic. Angela can see ghosts and they all can do protection spells. Once, Angela used enough force to bruise a guy’s ribs when he got a little too friendly with her but besides that, she and her family seem pretty weak.

Angela saw some sort of evil apparition and again in her dreams so she is guarded 24/7 yet nobody sleeps in her room to help her if the apparition tries to do something to her in her dreams. She could have been thrashing about and unable to scream but nobody guards her in her room. I guess that would be a little overkill though.

Each family or coven has their own territory yet the McAllister family or coven is afraid of another coven called the Wilcox family who are said to be evil and practice dark magic.

Years ago, just before the current prima (Angela’s Great Aunt Ruby) met her consort, the Wilcox primus tried to kidnap her but failed. Since then, the coven has kept strong protection spells around their town of Jerome to keep out dark magic along with the Wilcox family. They also keep Angela basically homebound. She is allowed to go to the next town over and sometimes, along with other members of the coven, she can go to Phoenix or Prescott. She has never been anywhere else. I couldn’t figure out why the Wilcox family, out of all the other witch families in Arizona, picked Angela’s coven to mess with and why they would want to kidnap their prima in the first place. Thankfully, the author did give a better reason for the attempted kidnapping later in the book.

I’m not going to give away the ending but the ending ticked me off because it wasn’t an ending at all. It was a cliffhanger. Without reading the next book, the reader doesn’t get to find out what happens. It’s frustrating for me because the book was just getting interesting and then it ended, not to mention the fact that I am broke so I can’t afford the next book for a week or two. UGH!

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