A Highlander for Christmas – Children of the Mist #5 – Paula Quinn

A Highlander for Christmas (Children of the Mist Book 5)

Finlay Grant is the bard for the MacGregors of Camlochlin, hidden in the mists and mountains on the Isle of Skye. He is gorgeous and all the ladies love him and he loves the ladies but ever since Leslie Harrison came to Camlochlin with her family to hide from persecution…from both the political and religious sects in England and Scotland, Finlay has only had eyes for her.

Finlay prefers to use his words over his sword but is perfectly capable of fighting if the need arises. When Leslie’s brother announces that he has betrothed Leslie to James Douglas, Marquess of Dumfriesshires, Fin hopes it won’t end in bloodshed. Leslie’s brother has been secretly writing to the Marquess to make a deal so his family can return to Dumfriesshires and have their land, titles and home returned to them…the price is that Leslie has to marry the Marquess.

Leslie and her family leave just before Christmas to meet up with the Marquess but Fin follows them. He wants to convince Leslie to marry him. He has a clever plan…but will it work?

The book was the last in the series. It was a nice way to end it.

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