Conquered by a Highlander – Children of the Mist #4 – Paula Quinn

Conquered by a Highlander (Children of the Mist Book 4)

Have you ever been reading a book or watching a movie where your anxiety is peaked because the characters take risks and you are afraid they are going to get caught? Well, that is how I felt throughout this book. First, because Colin MacGregor is a spy and second because he keeps taking risks with Gillian, the heroine of the story and I’m afraid they will be caught together.

Colin MacGregor has spent years away from Scotland serving King James and a cause he believes in. He has one last mission and then he can return to his beloved home Camlochlin, hidden in the mists and mountains on the Isle of Skye.

King James has sent him as a spy to Dartmouth castle where he has to become Colin Campbell from Breadalbane to gather intelligence on Geoffrey Dearly, Earl of Devon and the current lord of Dartmouth. Dearly has been corresponding with William of Orange, King James’ son in law who wants to overthrow his father in law to become the king himself. Colin’s job is to infiltrate the castle and learn where and when William will be landing his ships. It should be a simple job but things get difficult when he finds himself overwhelmingly attracted to the Earl of Devon’s cousin.

Lady Gillian Dearly has been cast out by her family for having a child out of wedlock. Her father sent her to live with her cousin, Geoffrey Dearly, Earl of Devon, who is cruel to her and her son. He desires her and wants her to marry him and thinks that she will be forced to marry him when William of Orange becomes king, but she is secretly corresponding with William in hopes that he will find favor with her for spying on Geoffrey and allow her to marry someone else. There are no other ladies or children at Dartmouth except for the servants so she is surrounded by crude soldiers every day.

Her father did do one thing right for her though; he sent her to Dartmouth with a personal body guard, Captain George Gates who is also the captain of the garrison at Dartmouth. His one priority is to keep Gillian safe. Nobody with half a mind would dare touch Gillian against her will with Captain Gates around but the captain can do little about the cruelty of Geoffrey. The earl may not touch Gillian but he makes her life hell by calling her a whore and making her serve him. He refuses to let her son sit with them at supper and controls Gillian’s every move.

Colin has a hard time watching how the earl treats Gillian and almost blows his cover a few times by helping her. Then when they start romancing each other, I kept thinking they were going to get caught…either by Gates or by Geoffrey.

Now, Colin has to figure out a way to get Gillian and her son away from Dartmouth before King James’ men overtake the castle.

I was on edge the whole time I was reading this book. I also wanted someone to stab Geoffrey with their sword. He was such a creep!

Except for a Christmas novella, this is the last book of the series. I’m still hoping for a spinoff. I’ll have to go to the author’s webpage to see what other books she has written so I can read more of her books because I like her writing.

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