Beautiful Bastard – The Beautiful Series Book #1 – Christina Lauren

Beautiful Bastard (The Beautiful Series Book 1)

Once again, I am looking for a new series to read. I think I need a break from Highlander stories and want to read a paranormal series. The problem is that I have read almost all of the top rated series and I don’t like starting a series unless there are at least five books already written in the series. One of my favorite authors happened to ask her readers what books would they recommend to other readers so I wrote down a few and looked up how many books were in the series. This book happened to catch my interest.

It started out great! The author has a wonderful sense of humor and I cracked up at some of the things she wrote. Miss Mills, I am calling her that because I didn’t find out her name was Chloe until way into the book or I may have missed it if it was mentioned before then, is just about to get her MBA. She has worked for Ryan Media for years and gets along with the whole family except for her current boss, Bennet Ryan, who she has worked with for the last nine months…ever since he returned to Chicago from working in Paris. He is a total jerk but he is gorgeous so everyone calls him “Beautiful Bastard” behind his back. He is rude to her but she seems to handle it just fine. I was ready for a long haul of how their relationship would change and then she would find out he was a vampire or werewolf but all of the sudden, on page 14, they have sex, not just any sex but angry and forceful sex. That was when I knew that this was erotica, not a paranormal romance.

I read it anyway and despite all the rough and angry sex, I enjoyed the book. I would normally be against a man treating a woman with so little respect but the author sucked me into the story so I kept reading. I tried to skip over the sexual parts, not because I don’t like a hot sex scene but because there were so many that it became monotonous, and I looked just for what was said so I wouldn’t miss anything important to the plot but sex was an important part of the plot. It was the only common factor that brought Miss Mills and Bennet Ryan together besides their working together.

Even if you aren’t into erotica which I am not, this book is a good read. I won’t be reading any more of the series just because I am not into romance just for the romance I like paranormal romances or historical romances. I’m not really sure why or I do but it would take a long time to explain or maybe I like my heroes to be really outlandish and unattainable.

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