Tamed by a Highlander – Children of the Mist #3 – Paula Quinn

Tamed by a Highlander (Children of the Mist Book 3)

Mairi MacGregor (a name I had trouble with throughout the book because I wasn’t sure if I should pronounce it Mary, Mawri or use a long sounding ‘I’ for the ai) has loved Connor Grant since she was a toddler. They grew up together at Camlochlin, their home hidden in the mists and mountains on the Isle of Skye, and he promised to love her forever but he left her to fight for a Protestant king in England. It didn’t matter that the king was his cousin or that he promised to return to her or send for her in England because he knew how she felt about Protestants or Cameronians and how she loved her home in the Highlands. The day he left, she vowed to stop loving him but she never quite got over him and it has been seven years.
In the years since he left, she took up her sword and along with her brother, Colin, hunts down and kills radical Cameronians. They are part of a secret alliance of men or mostly men who want Scotland to return to Catholicism.
Connor Grant was sent for by his cousin, King Charles, to fight for him. He couldn’t very well ignore an order from his King. He tried for many years after he left Camlochlin to convince Mairi that he loved her but when she refused to answer his letters, he had to face reality and go on with his life. Now, King Charles is dead and his brother, James, is king. King James is Catholic; therefore, many Highlanders are gathered in Whitehall Palace for his coronation celebration and Mairi is amongst them.
I had a hard time with how Mairi acted towards Connor. The author clearly states that Connor did everything he could to save their relationship and she was the one who broke it off. She is mad because she has heard rumors about his many lovers over the years but how can she be mad at him for going on with his life after she refused to continue their relationship? I also had a hard time stomaching her hatred for Protestants. She claimed it was because of their persecution of Catholics yet the Catholics did the same thing to Protestants when they were in power. She was stubborn and kind of blind to her own faults.
Connor and Mairi go through quite a bit of fighting before they realize that they still care for each other but now they will have to fight for each other. There are a sister and brother who are hell bent on marrying Connor and Mairi. Lord Henry de Vere, the Earl of Oxford’s son, is in love with Mairi. She has been the only woman who has been kind to him since he received the horrible scar on his face. His sister Lady Elizabeth de Vere has her eye on Connor, not only because he is handsome but because he is the king’s cousin which would help her social standing and please her father greatly. What Mairi doesn’t know is that Henry overheard her talking to Connor about her secret of how she hunts down radical Cameronians who are plotting against the new king. He’s figured out that she was the one who gave him his disfiguring scar on his face and if she rebukes his love, he will kill her. Yeah, he’s that kind of crazy! Henry and Elizabeth have a plan to get what they want that would mean the end of Connor and Mairi’s rekindled love.
Even though I was frustrated with Mairi at first, I liked her spunk and I was rooting for her and Connor’s romance from the beginning.
I’m liking this series but I think it is coming to an end soon. There are only two more books that I know about and I think one of those might be a novella. Oh well, I’ll enjoy them while I can.

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