Master of Desire – Brotherhood/MacAllister #1 – Kinley MacGregor

Oh Ick! This book was just such a cookie cutter Highlander romance that I couldn’t keep interested in it. The title is even too clichéd.

It started out all right with two men standing before King Henry II, pleading their case against each other. The king, tiring of people on neighboring lands fighting each other all of the time, decides to let Draven of Montague, the fourth earl of Ravenswood take custody of the Hugh’s daughter, Emily. I couldn’t find Hugh’s surname though he was definitely some sort of nobleman who lived in a castle and had lots of land.

As I read on, I even laughed as Emily puts a chicken up to a man’s lips who is trying to force a kiss from her. But I lost interest after Draven goes to collect Emily. Draven is supposed to be a hard-core man with some sort of curse on him which, of course, the author milks the mystery of the curse for all its worth but Draven can’t seem to keep his mind off Emily and it is kind of pathetic. It is like he has never seen a woman before. I couldn’t see what was so different or great about Emily except she was spoiled, bossy and desperate for a husband but Draven couldn’t keep his mind off of her.

When I really lost interest was when Draven and Emily went to a man named Orrick’s home so that Draven could pour over his books because the king suspected him of cheating him and Orrick’s son arrives between two brutes. His son calls the two men who are holding him Fric and Frac instead of Fritz and Frank which were their real names. It would have been hilarious except for the fact that the term “Fric and Frac” didn’t even come into existence until the 1930s when two Swiss skaters joined a comedy tour. The historical accuracy went down the toilet with that remark.

The story really didn’t have much substance to it so I quit reading it at about halfway through.

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