Bound by Wish and Mistletoe – Highland Legends 1.5 – Kat Bastioon

Bound by Wish and Mistletoe (Highland Legends Book 2)

I gave in and read this book even though I was disappointed with the first book’s heroine. I actually liked the world that the author built and her secondary characters.

This was a novella, book 1.5. The 2nd book isn’t out yet. I need to stop reading series that only have one or two books written. I like series that are already into the 5th or 6th book because I’m impatient and don’t like to wait and when I have to wait, it means I’ve read a bunch of other books in between which means I have to try to remember what is going on which takes some of the intimacy that I have built up with the characters away.

Despite being a short story, it was a good story. I liked the leading characters and the author started her setup of the next story by giving us some insight into some of the secondary characters who will probably be the primary characters in her next book.

Robert from Clan Brodie is the commander of Iain Brodie’s guardsmen. Iain was the hero of the 1st book. Robert and two guardsmen were out cutting down a Christmas tree for Iain’s wife, Isobel when Susanna MacEalan almost plowed right into him on her horse in the dense forest. Robert tries to calm her because she is frightened and fighting him and ends up having to bind her hands together to keep her safe and from running off into the unsafe wilderness.

Susanna MacEalan is running from a life of abuse from her father and her father’s clansmen. Her mother taught her that all men are evil and since she has only seen the cruelty of her father and his clan, she believes it. When her father tries to marry her off to a horrible man, she escapes on horseback. When she almost runs over a man in the forest, she is frightened that she has just become the captive of more cruel men or worse, they will turn her over to her father.

When Robert and his men treat Susanna kindly, she is surprised. They take her to their castle which appeared out of nowhere. Robert’s clan accepts her right away and she is amazed at the comradery and happiness amongst the clan but this is no ordinary clan. She notices odd things like the man with the black wings.

Robert and Susanna fall in love within days. In fact, I think they were married on the third or fourth day but Susanna feels trapped like the walls are closing on her. She is afraid she has put the clan and Robert in danger from her father and his clan so she tells Isobel and Brigid, Iain’s sister, that she needs air so they help her sneak a horse in the middle of the night so she can go for a ride but they have no idea that she is going to run away.

Susanna doesn’t know that she was perfectly safe at the castle because Robert hadn’t yet told her about the magick of the castle that hides it from others. But she does know that her father is probably searching for her nearby yet she goes running off into danger. It irks me when female characters do stupid things like that.

There was a background story going on with Brigid and Scorpius, the angel. In the 1st book, Brigid was in love with one of the guardsmen named Fingall and was handfested to him right before he took off on some kind of mission but he disappeared and nobody has seen him since. In this book, Brigid is angry with Scorpius for some reason. There is one scene where she goes into the kitchen and everyone hears her throwing and breaking things and then they hear her tell Scorpius, “You lied!” and then both Brigid takes off through the castle with Scorpius chasing her. Susanna hears Brigid tell Isobel that Scorpius just up and disappeared just like Fingall and the children. I knew that Fingall had disappeared but I had no clue that anyone else had disappeared. Later in the book, during the gift giving ceremony, Scorpius is watching Brigid from the corner of the room when two children come up to Brigid and she gets excited about their return. Scorpius disappears but it is obvious that he is the one who returned them.

It was strange but I was more into Brigid and Scorpius’ relationship than I was into Robert and Susanna’s.

The author made me curious enough about Brigid and Scorpius that I will definitely read the next book when it comes out.

In the meantime, I have to find a new series to read. Anyone have any suggestions? I’ve really been into Highlanders lately.

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