Forged in Dreams and Magick – Highland Legends #1 – Kat Bastion

Forged in Dreams and Magick (Highland Legends Book 1)

This book drove me batty! It took me forever to finish it because I kept getting so frustrated with it that I would stop reading it and go do something else for a while.

It started out okay. It even had some humorous events that made me laugh. Isobel MacInnes is an archeologist student who loves all things Scottish. She goes to Scotland to say goodbye to her dying grandfather. While there, she falls down an embankment and finds an ancient looking box. Thinking she has just made her career discovery, she sneaks it into the U.S. and calls her Scottish friend, Iain Brodie, because she notices the box has the same symbols as his clan broach.

They end up kissing while touching the box and are transported into 13th century Scotland. Iain had been living two separate lives, one in the 21st century and one in the 13th century where he is the chief of his clan. Neither side knew about the other but when they land in Scotland, both halves merge. He knows about the box but tells Isobel very little about it except that it has belonged to his tribe for generations and it brings the lairds of the castle their soul mates when it is time. He tells her that she is his soul mate and the festival of Beltane is upon them and she has three days to decide if she wants him.

They fall in love and marry along with other couples. It was heartfelt and I was so happy for them but it I knew something bad must happen because the book was only 1/3rd of the way through.

For some reason, Isobel thinks the box is connected to her somehow and she touches it again. This time she is transported to around 85 AD with the ancient Picts. She meets the tribal leader and what does the hussy do? Yeah, she sleeps with him on the second or third night that she is there. I couldn’t believe it! She had some dumb reasoning about living for the moment and who knows if she’ll ever return to Iain but at the same time she kept thinking that she had to return to him. She falls in love with the tribal leader, Velloc. She believes since the box brought them together, they are also soul mates. I kept asking, “How can she have two soul mates? Does she have two souls?” It didn’t make sense to me.

She stays with Velloc for a little over a month. I really liked Velloc. He was so kind and patient with Isobel who at this point, I’m not liking at all. I think she is a selfish little twit who just makes up excuses for why she has to do things. She keeps saying how she needs to uncover the mysteries of the box and what happened in history. She believes the box revolves around her which I thought was rather arrogant since the box had been around for centuries.

She keeps going back and forth in time to each man who she has told about the other and both have agreed to share her. All this chick does is have lots of sex with each of them.

Iain’s castle has a map wall similar to the box that has magical powers but Iain won’t tell Isobel much about it.

One of the cool things about this book was the history in it. The Romans have landed in Scotland and the Picts are facing war. Isobel can use her knowledge of history to help the Picts defeat the Romans.

SPOILER…. Do not read if you don’t want to know what happens.

I really wanted to slap Isobel many times in this book but where I felt the urge the most is when she insisted on fighting with the Picts because Valloc had taught her how to fight. What, she trained for a month so now she is ready to beat a large Roman man who has trained all his life to fight? He tells her that if she fights, he will be too worried about her and could put himself in danger but she gets her way like she always does which ends up exactly as Valloc had predicted. He dies because he takes an arrow meant for her. She cries for a day and then zings back to Iain where she basically forgets about Valloc.

End of Spoiler

At the beginning of the book we meet Iain’s sister, Brigid, who is in love with one of Iain’s guardsmen named Fingall. He leaves to settle a dispute and never comes back. The book never said what happened to him so I assume it will be answered in the 2nd book. I know there is a novella in between book 1 and 2 but I read the blurb about it and it was about two other people. Thank Goodness! I was worried that the books would follow Isobel and that would have made me stop reading them.

There is also two angels or some beings with wings similar to angels; one has white wings and the other has black wings. I’m kind of digging the dark one. He’s sarcastic just the way I like ‘em.

The 2nd book isn’t out yet so I may go ahead and read 1.5. I haven’t decided yet. I have a few other that I’m going to look at first.


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