The Hunter – Highland Guard #7 – Monica McCarty

The Hunter: A Highland Guard Novel (The Highland Guard Book 7)

Ewen Lamont never wants to be like his father who did whatever he pleased when he pleased. He was wild, loud and irresponsible. He stole Ewen’s mother from his chief just because he wanted her which almost cost the Lamont’s everything. His mother died while Ewen was young and Ewen was lucky to be fostered by a nobleman named James Stewart to whom he owes everything. Ewen is responsible and loyal. He is nothing like his father.

Ewen is part of the Highland Guard, an elite secret squad of warriors who go on missions for Robert Bruce. Ewen is known as ‘Hunter’ to the team because of his tracking abilities. He can track and find anyone. Robert Bruce sends him to find and bring his ex-sister-in-law, Janet, back to Scotland because he has betrothed her to James Stewart’s eighteen year old son. But Robert Bruce tells Ewen it is best not to tell Janet about the betrothal because she might run. She has been working for Bruce as a courier under the disguise of an Italian nun named Genna.

Janet of Mar has been secretly passing intelligence to Robert Bruce right under the noses of the English. She can talk her way out of almost anything and takes pride in her work and takes pride in her work but it is getting increasingly more dangerous with the English now suspecting clergy of passing messages to the enemy.

Ewen first met Janet months before Robert Bruce sent him to go get he. She and another nun were surrounded by English soldiers who were getting ready to rape and probably kill them. At the time, he believed she was a nun. He ended up kissing her and was horrified by his actions afterwards. When he discovered who she really was on his current mission he was relieved and angry because of her lie.

Ewen and Janet are drawn to each other but Ewen knows he can never act on his attraction to her because of his loyalty to the king and to the Stewarts and he refuses to be like his father. Janet doesn’t understand his hesitation because she doesn’t know about her betrothal and she is determined to make Ewen hers.

I really liked Janet. I cracked up at how she…not only talked her way out of bad situations but had them helping her. I liked Ewen too but he wasn’t as memorable as some of the other lead characters in previous books like Chief, Hawk and Viper. He was still sexy as hell though.

I encourage anyone who reads this series to read the author’s notes at the end of the book. She includes the actual history of Robert Bruce and writes about how she comes up with the characters for her stories.

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