The Ranger – Highland Guard #3 – Monica McCarty

I should have posted this before The Viper.

The Ranger: A Highland Guard Novel

This love was doomed from the start! How could they get pass the betrayal? I just couldn’t see how it could ever work.

Ever since Arthur Campbell was a lad and witnessed the murder of his father by John MacDougall, Lord of Lorn, he has wanted justice. MacDougall lied and said that he killed him in battle but Arthur saw his father have John of Lorn down. MacDougall admitted defeat and once Arthur’s father turned his back killed him, only stabbing him in the stomach because Arthur called out a warning to his father who turned just as the sword made impact. Arthur ran and hid in the woods for weeks when MacDougall’s men went after him and when he finally emerged from the woods, it was too late. His family’s lands had been taken.

Now, Arthur is part of a secret team for Robert Bruce. He has been posing as a knight in the enemy’s camp for the last couple of years. Bruce has asked him to join John MacDougall at his castle as a spy to find out how MacDougall is getting messages to his allies.
Anna MacDougall has been asked to keep an eye on the handsome, mysterious and quiet knight, Arthur Campbell who would rather stay in the background and observe rather than be the center of attention. Her father just wants to be sure that he has nothing to hide since he knows the Campbell brothers are split down the middle…three are on the side of Robert Bruce and three are on his side.
Dunstffnage castle

Anna finds every excuse to be around Arthur Campbell to the point where she looks like she is throwing herself at him. I cracked up at some of her antics. She is strangely drawn to the knight even though he seems to be doing everything to discourage her. He has been abrupt and almost rude to her in his avoidance of her.

Arthur can’t let himself get involved with Anna MacDougall. It wouldn’t end well seeing as he is out to ruin her father. Yet he can’t keep her off of his mind.

When it is apparent that the MacDougall’s will lose everything if the Earl of Ross does not join forces with them, Anna decides to accept the proposal of Ross’s son, Hugh, to save her clan. She travels the four days to see Hugh Ross. Arthur is one of her guards on the trip. It’s not until Arthur sees Anna with Hugh Ross that he realizes that he is in love with her. Hugh notices the chemistry between Anna and Arthur and decides not to go through with the betrothal but his father was not going to join forces with the MacDougall’s even if he would have married her so it was a moot plan anyway.

Even after Arthur admits to himself that he loves Anna, he knows that they can never be together because once she discovers that he is a spy, she will never forgive him.

I was on the edge of my seat….okay, so I wasn’t actually on the edge of my seat but may have clenched my butt cheeks during a few tense moments while reading this book. I kept hoping Arthur wouldn’t get caught or killed and there were a few close calls.
The author makes me laugh a lot. The way Anna’s puppy adored Arthur and would get so excited it would pee on Arthur’s feet had me rolling.

I’m not going to give the ending away but…it is a romance so….

I’m excited to read the next book, The Viper, because it is about Lachlan MacRuairi who none of the warriors seem to trust but has come through for them more than once so I am interested in getting his story.

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