Forged by Desire – London Steampunk by Bec McMaster

Forged by Desire (London Steampunk Book 4)


I just can’t seem to get enough of this series! Bec McMaster has created a fascinating dangerous world where the all-powerful Echelon Blue Bloods rule London. The Blue Bloods are stronger and faster than humans but they rely on blood to survive. Every human must donate blood as part of their taxes. The richest and finest blood lines of the Echelon can afford thralls who are basically debutants from lesser houses of the Echelon who offer up blood and sometimes sex rights to the rich blue blood lords through a contract similar to what a mistress might receive. It’s what every debutant dreams of or rather it is the only thing they can dream of since no other opportunity exist for young women.

Ten years ago Perry fled such a situation. She was a young debutant who entered into a thrall contract with Alastair Crawford, the Duke of Moncrieff and one of the seven council members of the Echelon. A thrall contract with one of the most powerful Blue Bloods in the country would have been the envy of any debutant but the duke had secrets. In his basement, he harbored an evil scientist named Hague who experimented on women, cutting them up and taking organs from them. Hague got ahold of Perry or Octavia as she was called back then but she got away. She hacked half of Hague’s jaw off before she escaped thinking that she killed him. The Duke of Moncrieff was accused of killing his thrall and banished for ten years. During the experimentation, Perry was infected with the craving virus and became a Blue Blood. She ran to the Nighthawks and became the only female Nighthawk where she has been hiding under her assumed name, Perry.

Now, the prince consort has re-instated the Duke of Moncrieff’s seat on the council and the duke has vowed to find Octavia and prove to everyone that he didn’t kill her. There has also been killings that match Hague’s handy work. Perry doesn’t think it is a coincidence and knows her world is about to turn upside down.

Garret has just become Guild Master of the Nighthawks when Sir Jasper Lynch resigned to become one of the seven council members of the Echelon. He has been avoiding his old partner for a month….ever since the opera where Perry bloomed into a beautiful woman before his eyes when she donned a revealing gown and flirted with him. Before that, he just thought of her as his best friend and confidant. Now, he can’t get her out of his mind.

To make matters worse, his CV blood count levels keep rising. Soon he’ll be in the Fade which is when a Blue Blood turns into a vampiric monster. Every Blue Blood has to test his CV levels. Once they get so high, they have to be reported and then at some point, they get executed. Nobody wants a crazed and murderous vampire running loose. To his knowledge, there is no cure so he knows he has very little time left. ——- Of course, the readers know that in the first book of the series, Honoria has found a way to lower CV levels in Blue Bloods but Honoria hasn’t let anyone besides Blade and the people in her small circle know about it and Garret isn’t in that circle. Her father had developed a vaccination for the craving virus and vaccinated her. She discovered by accident that Blade’s CV levels were going down when he drank her blood so if a Blue Blood drinks a human’s blood who has this vaccination, their CV levels go down. I, as a reader, wondered why Honoria didn’t tell people about her cure.

This book was packed with action and I was glad to see some of the characters from previous books in it. I have really grown to love the characters in this series. The only bummer is that the next book isn’t due out until March so I have to wait until then to read it. Sigh! What shall I read until then?

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