Winterblaze – Darkest London by Kristen Callahan


Poppy Lane has had to keep secrets since she was little. Her mother told her to never tell anyone about the powers that she and her sisters held. Her sisters and she are called elementals. Poppy can control water and freeze it. Her sister Daisy can manipulate earth and plants and her sister Marissa can start and control fire.

Poppy has been married for fourteen years to the police inspector, Winston Lane. She has kept the secret of what she is and that she is the head of a secret society called SOS or the Society for the Suppression of Supernaturals whose purpose is to keep humans from finding out about supernatural beings but when Winston gets attacked by a werewolf and gets saved by a supernatural being with a pin that looks exactly like the necklace Poppy wears, he figures it out and knows that Poppy has been lying to him for the entire marriage. He is devastated and leaves her.

When Poppy learns that a powerful demon has escaped Hell and is threatening Winston’s life, Poppy shows up on the same ship that Winston is taking from France to London. Poppy and Winston are so in love but do not know if they can overcome that Poppy has hidden things from Winston for their entire marriage.

Complicating things more, Winston learns that he made a deal with the demon many years ago to marry Poppy but the demon made him forget in until now because payment time has come. The demon wants their first born and Poppy is three pregnant. Something else she forgot to tell Winston. Winston was born a Duke but does not like high-society living. He wants to marry Poppy and become an investigator for the London police department but his father will never allow that. His father said he would ruin Poppy’s father and family and make sure Winston would never become a police investigator. Poppy was refusing to marry him because she did not want to ruin him so Winston made a deal with the demon thinking he could get out of it somehow but then the demon altered reality and made him forget. The demon made his family believe he was dead and made Winston believe his father disowned him.

Now, Poppy and Winston have to find a way to either kill the demon or get out of the contract and hope they can overcome all the lies that their marriage was built upon.

This was such a heart-wrenching tale. I felt the love and heartbreak of both Poppy and Winston not to mention the hurt that Poppy feels because both of her sisters are angry with her for not telling them about their powers. Both Poppy and Winston are proud and stubborn. I related a lot with them both.

There were other things going on too in the book. Jack Talent was replaced by a demon, living his life while he was being tortured but nobody noticed anything different about him except for Mary Chase, his nemesis. She knew it wasn’t him because he was being nice to her. There’s chemistry between those two. Maybe they’ll be the next couple in the next book which I have already downloaded and am getting ready to start reading now.

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