Moonglow – Darkest London – Kristen Callahan


This is the 2nd book of the series Darkest London by Kristen Callahan. The dialect in this book didn’t seem so old fashioned as the language in the 1st book or maybe I am just getting used to it.

Daisy is finally free from her horrible old husband. She just finished her year of mourning for him. Daisy is the sister of Miranda, the heroine of the 1st book. She can’t wait to start living life but on her first night out, her date is killed by a werewolf in front of her. She is saved but the werewolf continues to stalk her.

Ian Ranulf, the Marquis of Northrup has an animal within himself, a wolf. He isn’t a werewolf but if he lets his animal take over, he could turn into one. He refused the throne to the Ranulf clan of wolves when his father died because he just wants to live a normal life so he was exiled. His younger brother is now the king of the wolves but he rules by using fear and a heavy fist. Ian suspects his brother of hiding the werewolf and letting it terrorize London.

Now, Ian has to protect Daisy from the werewolf and from his cruel wrath but Daisy is hiding a secret. She has the power to command the earth and plants to move. Her older sister just revealed that she has known all along and that all three of the sisters are elementals. Miranda has the power of fire, Daisy the earth and Poppy can turn water into ice.

Poppy’s husband is Winston Lane, a detective. He’s a bit of a genius like Sherlock Holmes. He knows something is amiss with this case and the case before it from book one. Of course, he has no clue it has anything to do with mystical beings until he is attacked by the werewolf and is saved by someone who looks like an angel and who wears a pin that is the same as his wife. He now knows that he has been lied to and is devastated.

There are new characters introduced in this book along with an organization for mystical beings called the Society for the Suppression of Supernaturals (SOS) which is led by someone called Mother. The sole purpose of the organization is to keep humans from finding out about supernatural beings. Some of the characters who were introduced were Talent who is Ian’s valet. The author hints that he is some sort of supernatural and we find out but I won’t spoil it. There is also Lucien and Mary Chase who are GIMs or Ghost in the Machines. They are the best spies of the underworld because they can leave their body in spirit form. I didn’t really understand exactly how GIMs worked or what they were but the characters are interesting and I hope to see them in the following books of the series.

This author can definitely write a steamy love scene. It’s hot without being raunchy but I still kept looking over my shoulder to make sure nobody else saw what I was reading.

I am totally enjoying this series. I have already started reading the 3rd book, Winterblaze.

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