Slade – The Protectors – Teresa Gabelman

Slade (The Protectors Series) Book #6

It’s been a while since I’ve read this series so I had to re-acquaint myself with the characters but it didn’t take long to remember and the author helps out by explaining things briefly so people who have not read the other books in the series can follow along. I remember why I liked this series so much when I read it. The characters are loveable and sometimes despicable and the storyline is believable and well thought out.
Jill is a half-breed vampire/human. She has some powerful abilities but has not quite learned how to use them but she is learning fast. She is training to be a VC Warrior (Vampire Council Warrior) but she is the only woman to ever attempt it. She has to work twice as hard as the men to prove her worth and she is determined to achieve her goal.
Slade is VC Warrior who happens to be a doctor too. He is helping train the half-breeds in Cincinnati to become VC Warriors.
Throughout the other books in the series we’ve seen Jill and Slade’s attraction for each other and how Slade was fighting it. In this book, he finally gives in and he’s a possessive mofo but Jill seems to like it. I could never be with anyone who growls at his friends for just complimenting me. It would annoy the hell out of me but oh well, vampires are macho men so I’ve pretty much gotten used to the jealous over possessiveness in paranormal romance books. Slade is a dominant lover and Jill loves it.
Alice hates Jill. Alice is a vampire who used to be a blood donor for the VC Warriors. She was a slutty thing and thought she owned all of them so when they started getting married, she became jealous. Jill didn’t put up with her crap and Alice eventually was tossed out because she tried to kill Jill and some of the other women. Alice is now the mayor’s fiancé and she has talked him into making a half-way house where they are capturing and imprisoning half-breeds because people believe they are dangerous. Now, Alice has put a hit out on one of the warriors named Jax and has paid someone to capture Jill so she can torture and kill her.
There was another storyline going along with the Jill and Slade story. Jax, a fairly new character who is kind of a jerk but starts being attracted to Caroline, the sister of one of the warrior’s mates. I’m a sucker for a jerk. I don’t know why but I am so I look forward to his story. I thought that Sloan’s story is next but maybe I’m wrong. We’ll see.

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