Black Ice – Ice by Anne Stuart

Black Ice (Ice Series Book 1)

I read this book because it was in the recommendations on Goodreads. I was 1/3rd of the way through it before I realized it wasn’t a paranormal romance. I kept thinking the lead male character was some kind of supernatural being but it turned out that he was just a well-trained operative. I was so immersed in the story by then that it didn’t matter and I finished the book. I have to say that it was excellent.

Chloe is the black sheep of her family. Her parents and siblings are all medical doctors or in the medical field but she can’t stand the sight of blood so she has lived in Paris for the last two years. She started cooking school but was kicked out for having too much imagination with her dishes. Now, she lives in a small flat with her nice but gold-digging friend.

When her friend begs Chloe to take her place for a weekend translating job out in the country for some rich business men, Chloe agrees but soon finds out that the business men are something other than regular business men and decides to get the hell out of there but she knows too much to get out of there alive.

Bastien Toussaint is just one of the names he has gone by in his life. He is an operative who works for the supposed good guys called The Committee but they believe in the bigger picture so sometimes innocents have to die to save the mission. Bastien has turned cold and could be considered more bad guy than good guy. He is attending a meeting to determine who will take over being the leader of the European weapon cartel after the recent bombing death of the previous leader. When the regular ditzy translator doesn’t show up and in her place a beautiful American shows up, everyone thinks she might be another operative trying to move in on their territory or worse, she could just be what she says she is which would make her a liability. When it is decided that she is a liability, Bastien decides to save her.

Chloe and Bastien go on the run. There is a lot of action along with steamy moments. I think Chloe was a bit innocent for the likes of Bastien but the romance was hot.

I would definitely recommend this book to regular romance readers. I won’t be reading any more of the series just because I would rather read paranormal romance or urban fantasies but it was an excellent book.


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