Crouching Tiger Forbidden Vampire – Love at Stake – Kerrelyn Sparks

Crouching Tiger, Forbidden Vampire (Love at Stake)

This was the conclusion to the Love at Stake series. It was just okay for me. I think the series enchanted me, at first, with its humor and loveable characters but I think it lost a little of its humor along the way and became more serious with darker subject matter which was alright with me. I just wish the humor would have persevered along the way.

This book was about Russell. Russell has been a character in this series for a long time. We knew a little about him. The good vampires found him amongst rows and rows of bodies encased in what appeared to be terra cotta like terra cotta soldiers. Russell was set apart from the others and he was in a vampire coma, a sleep that takes place after being turned into a vampire, but he had never been given enough blood to wake up. He was the only one of all the terra cotta soldiers to survive. The Vamps gave him blood and woke him up. He had been in the coma for 39 years and the last thing he remembered was that he was in the Viet Nam War. He woke up to a new world and found out he had lost everything. The people he had known were now all dead. His wife had presumed he was dead and had remarried after seven years. His family land had been sold. He also had Master Han’s slave tattoo on his wrist.

Russell was angry and went off on his own to seek revenge against Master Han for turning him and taking his life from him. He would pop up and help the Vamps sometimes but then disappear again. Zoltan, one of the good vampires, helped him by supplying synthetic blood and weapons. Other than that, we really didn’t know much about Russell.

Jia is a were-tiger princess. She is cousin the Rajiv, the new Grand Tiger of Tiger Town in China. Her parents and brother were murdered in front of her by Master Han and his soldiers thirteen years ago. Since then, she has been training in martial arts so she seek revenge on Master Han. She sneaks off to find Master Han. She finds him and kills two of his soldiers but Master Han teleports away but his soldiers almost catch and kill her.

Russell is so angry. He had Master Han in his sights. He knows not to kill his soldiers first because Master Han always teleports away. Just as he has a good aim at his target, someone starts killing his soldiers and Master Han vanishes. He sees it is a woman who is running away. He saves her against his better judgment and takes her back to Tiger Town where she gets put under 24 hour watch with guards following her every move. When Russell finds her escaping twice, he finally agrees to work with Jia to find and kill Master Han.

Their romance is rather adorable. Jia is betrothed to a were-tiger prince from Korea who she has never even met. Russell does not want to get involved with an engaged woman and Jia doesn’t want to fall for a vampire but they both have feelings for each other whether they want to or not.

The plot and storyline were pretty predictable but still entertaining. The author, Kerrelyn Sparks, doesn’t seem to have any more books in the paranormal genre at the moment but I hope she decides to write another paranormal romance series. I would definitely read it.

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