Sucker Bet – Vegas Vampires – Erin McCarthy

Sucker Bet ( Vegas Vampires, Book 4)

Gwenna Carrick is the ex-wife of Roberto Donatelli, an ancient vampire, mob guy and outright evil bastard. She has kept a low profile since divorcing him over 300 years ago but Roberto doesn’t make it easy. She has moved to Vegas to be closer to her brother, the president of the vampire nations where Roberto is his vice president. Roberto dogs Gwenna all of the time, wanting her back…or at least saying he wants her back. His actions don’t show that he wants her back with all his womanizing and evil deeds like hiring an assassin to kill her brother and draining the blood out of Ethan’s secretary, Kelsey….oh, and hooking his employees on heroin laced blood. Gwenna wants a life without worrying about Roberto.

She discovers an online vampire slayer group and infiltrates it, pretending to be a member. She agrees to meet one of the members, Slash, but instead of meeting Slash there, she discovers a dead body. She calls the police and fears the body is Slash.

Nate is a police detective with the Las Vegas Police Department. He is called to the scene of a murder and meets a beautiful blonde named Gwenna. He thinks she is a little ditzy at first but when he runs into her later at the hospital where he was because his sister had just died from a long struggle with leukemia, he realizes Gwenna is intelligent and full of compassion.

They end up spending a night of passion together. They are definitely attracted to one another but will it be enough? Gwenna, after all, is a 900 year old vampire.

Together, they try to solve the murders that keep happening in the city….all of them are connected to the online slayer group.

This was a pretty good book. A lot of things from the series came together in the end so I am pretty sure this was the last book of the series. There was a lot of humor in this book like when Nate woke up in the spa where he and Gwenna had made love. Gwenna had left him to take care of a problem and hadn’t returned in time so the staff caught Nate sleeping naked on one of the massage tables. It was a funny moment.

It was an entertaining series with light and dark moments. Erin McCarthy kept it light with humor even though there was some seriously dark content. I am going to check out this author and see what if she has any other paranormal romance or urban fantasy series.

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