Bled Dry – Vegas Vampires – Erin McCarthy

Bled Dry (Vegas Vampires, Book 3)

Brittany Baldizzi is pregnant by a vampire who she barely knows. He promised to be a part of the pregnancy and baby’s life but it’s been eight weeks since she has seen him last. He’s sent flowers every week with a computer generated card reading, “Thinking of you, Corbin.” He said he was going to court her but in her opinion, he is failing big time to woo her. He did tell her that they had to be discreet because she is half vampire herself and a baby between a vampire and impure (half vampire) has never been heard of before. The ramifications of that could be dangerous. Someone might want to take the baby and study it or worse.

Brittany has no idea what all this means because she has just recently discovered vampires even existed and had no clue that her unknown father was a vampire. Her mother was a stripper who cheated on her then husband, the father of her older sister, but she never knew who the father was and she still does not know.
Corbin Jean Michel Atelier is vampire and scientist. He has been trying to find a cure for vampirism since the 1800s and he is very close. He accidentally let a woman die 40 years ago so the vampire nation punished him by a sort of house arrest. He has to wear a watch which is the equivalent to an ankle bracelet. He has to stay in the Las Vegas area and cannot leave. He is also shunned by most vampires and cannot attend vampire events. He met Brittany and when he learned she was an impure he knew she might be the missing link in his experiments. She agrees to give him a blood sample and they ended up having sex which ended in pregnancy.

He can’t help falling for Brittany because she is so beautiful, sweet and understanding but he is afraid someone will discover that he is the father of the baby. He wants people to believe that a mortal fathered the baby so Brittany and the baby will be safe but at the same time, he wants to be with her and be involved with the pregnancy so he signs up for a class called Daddy Boot Camp. It’s hilarious to watch him go through the class.

Meanwhile, Ringo has gone to New York to tell Donatelli about the baby. He overheard the conversation between Brittany and Corbin while Corbin was helping him detox from heroine laced blood. Ringo became addicted to it after Donatelli turned him into a vampire. He was hired by Donatelli while he was human to assassinate the president of the vampire nation, Ethan Carrick, who was up for re-election. Donatelli was his opponent. Ringo, of course, didn’t realize he was up against vampires and that a bullet wouldn’t kill Ethan. While casing the casino, he met Kelsey who made him want to change his ways but the opportunity to make money with this information proves to be too much for him so he takes off to find Donatelli.
A new candidate for president has been announced, Gregor Chechikov. He was known for working with Vladimir Kiev in the tenth century as a warlord who would crush rebellions by killing entire villages. He isn’t a nice man. He is downright evil. He is the one funding Corbin’s research and if he finds out about the baby, it would be disastrous.

I am really into this series but there are some things that drive me nuts like how the bad guys are not punished when they are discovered. Ringo was basically given a slap on the hand for trying to assassinate Ethan. Donatelli was given an electronic monitor and sent to New York to live free. After all the trouble he caused. He hired an assassin. He terrorized Kelsey, Cara and Alexis in his hotel room but making Cara strip and dance for him and breaking Alex’s wrist. He also addicted his employees to drugs by putting heroin in their blood. I think he got a rather light sentence for all of that.

I was caught up in the romance of Brittany and Corbin. My heart went out to them and their situation. I wanted to shake Corbin a few times too.

I’m off to read the next book. I think it is the finale but I’m not real sure. I’ll find out when I read it.

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