High Stakes – Vegas Vampires – Erin McCarthy

High Stakes (Vegas Vampires, Book 1)

1st Book in Series

Alexis Baldizzi is upset that her younger sister has blown off her dental practice and started living at a hotel/casino with the owner. She thinks her sister has been kidnapped and brain washed so she storms into the casino, ignores the front desk attendants and bullies her way passed security and demands to see her sister. The hotel and casino owner, Ethan Carrick, is polite to Alexis but…despite being a prosecutor, Alexis starts pulling martial art’s moves on him and trying to beat him up. It was pretty juvenile and I kept thinking she was over-reacting and Ethan should have called the police on her. I’m thinking her career would have been over but instead, Ethan got turned on by it. I, however, was turned off and decided not to like the leading lady.

Ethan Carrick is not only the hotel and casino owner of a successful casino on the strip of Las Vegas but he is also the president of the vampire nation and he is campaigning for a second term against a rather unsavory opponent. His campaign manager thought that Ethan’s image would be improved if he settled down so when he met Alexis’ sister, Brittany, an impure (someone born from a human mother and a vampire father) he thought it would be the perfect opportunity to impress his constituents by marrying her except for one thing, he wasn’t attracted to her and had no feeling for her.

Brittany is a sweet girl but she has no idea she is half vampire. She’s figured out that Ethan and his friends are vampires and thinks she needs to save their souls. When she tells Alexis this, Alexis thinks that Ethan and his friends are playing like they are vampires like people play Dungeons and Dragons. She agrees to take Brittany’s place to play Ethan’s girlfriend for a week so her sister will go home and back to her dental practice. She thinks Ethan and his friends are all crazy.

Alexis grew on me. After the disaster of the first meeting with Ethan, she stopped being so juvenile. She was still crass but that endeared her to me because I realized she reminded me of me the way she doesn’t get all sappy and she just says what she is thinking.

I enjoyed the romance between Ethan and Alexis and I was intrigued by the secondary characters and the plot. The thing I liked the most was the humor. Humor goes a long way with me.

I’m not sure if I am hooked or not on this series but I have downloaded the second book and am going to start reading it tonight.

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