Revenant – Lords of Deliverance/Demonica – Larissa Ione

Ohhhhhh….this book is good! It’s real good. I just love the big vocabulary I pulled off there but that’s what I think. I have been a fan of this series since the first book. The characters and world that Larissa Ione has created has sucked me in and I’ll be sorry when this series ends. This has been rumored to be the last book but at the beginning of the book the author tells us that she promises that the ride isn’t over yet so there could be more books. Yay!

For five thousand years or as Revenant puts it, “Five thousand f**king years” he believed he was a Fallen Angel but everyone had lied to him. Not only did they lie but his memories had been taken away from him twice. He was an Angel who was born and raised in Sheoul. His mother was captured by Satan while pregnant with twins. Heaven made a deal with Satan so his mother had to choose which twin to keep and which twin to give to Heaven. She chose to give his twin, Reaver or Yenrieth (his Heavenly name) to Heaven. Revenant was fed demons blood when he was just hours old. He never had a chance. You can’t enter Heaven with demon blood and as far as he knows, there is no way to cleanse it from his body.

Revenant was tortured and had to watch his mother be tortured for years. He was taken away from his mother at the age of ten to work in the mines of Sheoul as a slave. Any time he did something wrong or didn’t follow the rules his mother was tortured so now he follows rules relentlessly.

After his mother’s death, he became a bad bad angel or a very good fallen angel depending how you look at it. Now that his memories are back, he is angry and confused. He wants to forget the last five thousand years…if only for a few hours and he knows just the person to help, a False Angel named Blasphemy who he has been a little obsessed with lately. But Blasphemy is blowing him off….and not the way he wants her to.

Blasphemy has a secret all of her own that she does not want anyone to know because it could get her killed. Her mom performed a spell when she was born to disguise her as a False Angel but the spell is wearing off. She was born a Vyrm, someone born to an Angel and a Fallen angel, which is forbidden by Heaven and Sheoul. Both Angels and Fallen Angels hunt down and kill all Vyrm because some Vyrm have the ability to look into the eyes of an angel or fallen angel and a moment later, everyone in his family falls dead. Vyrm have a 50/50 chance of being good or evil. Blasphemy is good.

Blasphemy is attracted to Revenant but fears that he will kill her if he finds out what she really is because he always follows rules.

Raphael, the arch angel, has promised Revenant that if he delivers Gethel who is pregnant by Satan (Yep, she’s Lucifer’s baby mama) to him, he will cleanse him from the demon blood so he can enter Heaven. Raphael is a real dick and Revenant does not trust him. Why are the angels making him jump through hoops when entering Heaven should be his birth right! But until his blood is cleansed, things like trees, grass and flowers in Heaven will die if he enters. Satan, on the other hand is demanding that Revenant kill an angel or two or three to show his loyalty to him. If he can’t live in Heaven, Satan can find him anywhere on earth and Sheoul. He can’t piss off Satan and Sheoul is the only thing he has ever known. Revenant has a big choice to make.

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