Obsidian Butterfly – Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter – Laurell K. Hamilton

Obsidian Butterfly (An Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, Book 9)

Why does Laurell K. Hamilton have to include rape in almost every one of the books in this series? I get that she has to make the bad guys into bad guys and make us hate them but it’s almost a sick fixation for her. This book had me almost throwing up with the description of a teenage boy’s rape and the torture of a little girl. I know this stuff happens in real life but I think the author includes way too much rape in her books. She also had a scene where a monster ate newborn babies in a hospital nursery. It was disturbing to say the least. After the scene, nothing else was mentioned about the poor babies and their families but something was mentioned about the two nurses who were killed. It just seemed way too cold and uncaring. — End of rant.

Anita has taken a break from her two lovers; Richard, the werewolf, and Jean-Claude, the vampire master of the city. It’s been six months. She has blocked them from her dreams and has been trying to work things out for herself.

Edward, Anita Blake’s assassin friend, calls in the favor that she owes him. She flies to New Mexico to help him solve a gruesome murder case. Something is mutilating people in their homes. Sometimes, the people are skinned alive and sometimes they are cut up beyond recognition. Edward needs her help to hunt down the person or monster responsible.

Anita, who knows very little about Edward’s life beyond the fact that he is a bounty hunter and assassin, gets an inside look into his life. She also knows he is a sociopath. He is known as Ted Forrester to the locals and is friends with the police. He is engaged to a woman who has two kids. Anita is upset with him at first for allowing his act as Ted Forrester to go so far as to let himself get engaged to an innocent woman with two children. She later changes her mind when she sees how protective he is of them.

Edward has two other men on his team for this case. One is a bounty hunter and sometimes body guard for hire. He, of course, wants to have sex with Anita. One of them is a serial killer who rapes and mutilates women with the same physical characteristics as Anita. I thought it was odd that the author had Anita Blake working with someone who was just as big of a monster as the monster they were hunting.

One of the good things about this book was that Anita wasn’t rubbing her body up against everyone and she wasn’t having sex with anyone. She thought about it a lot but didn’t actually have sex or make out with anyone like she has in the last few books. It was a nice break.

I want to like Anita but I just can’t. She is just too rude and arrogant for me. I thought she would get better and more likeable but she has not. I can’t stand women who are such feminists that they don’t have any feminine qualities at all. She insists on being called Ms. Blake. Does anyone do that anymore? She makes shaking hands into a contest of who is strongest. She gets mad at anyone holding open a door for her and she makes fun of women who wear pink. The author makes every man want Anita like she is some sort of goddess. She is rude and always has to have the last word even if someone is about to kill her. How can I like her?

I was afraid that I would give up on this series so I went and downloaded the next few books before I could change my mind. If they are paid for already then I will probably read them.

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