The Laughing Corpse – Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter – by Laurell K. Hamilton

The Laughing Corpse (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, Book 2)

I still think Anita Blake is a bitch but I like her a little more than I did in the first book…not much, just a little. She is just too tough and opinionated for me. She makes inappropriate jokes at crime scenes that involve murdered infants and children just to prove that she is a hardass to the other cops on the scene. She seems to have a bad opinion of everyone she knows because they are not 5’3 and 105 pounds like her wonderful self, the woman who all the men want because she is so hot and badass. Gag! I looked up the author and she looks like what I would imagine she wrote Anita Blake to look like but for some reason when I picture Anita in my head she looks like the mother of the lead character on Grimm, the television show, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio. I don’t want to offend that actress but she is really mean looking and looks like a tough old bird, a little too thin and a little too used up.

mary elizabeth mastrantonio

The storyline and plot building in this series is damn good though so I have been able to look beyond the lead characters narcissism and bigotry. She hates vampires, overweight people – basically, anyone who isn’t just like her except for zombies. She seems to like them.

In this book, Anita is offered a million dollars to raise a 300 year old zombie but in order to raise a zombie who has been dead that long, there would have to be a human sacrifice. Anita refuses but Harold Gaynor, the rich man who wants the zombie raised is determined to get his way. He starts sending his thugs to try to scare Anita into helping him. Of course, Anita kicks their butts each time but she knows that they will get lucky one of these days and she could lose her life.

Someone has raised a zombie who is killing and eating families. Usually zombies don’t eat people but someone raised this one and either got away or someone is ordering it to kill. Zombies follow orders and do kill. They are super strong and can rip a human apart in minutes. Anita goes to the Voodoo Queen, Dominga Salvador, of St. Louis to get help with the zombie problem but offends the woman by refusing to help her raise zombies who have their soul intact so she can make money off of them, selling them to people as slaves. Zombies with souls do not rot. Zombies have no rights so people want to start using them for slave labor. Up until now, it didn’t work out well because they all end up rotting. The smell alone is not worth it. Anita wants to start legislation to give zombies some basic rights so people cannot use them.

Anita believes that Senora Salvador may be involved in raising the zombie who is killing people. Because Anita offended the Voodoo Queen, she tells her she will send something deadly to her that will crawl through her window. Now, Anita has two psychos after her.

These books aren’t romances but there is an underlying attraction between Anita and Jean-Claude, the Master Vampire of the city. She acts like he is the most repulsive and evil thing around because he is a vampire yet when she needs his help, she runs to him and he does her bidding because he is so attracted to her. She is so rude to him. Actually, she is rude to everyone. There are times she thinks that doing or saying something would not be the polite thing to do but she is always saying and doing rude things. I don’t know how anyone can stand her or would want to be her friend. I guess she is so pretty and so amazing, everyone wants her.

I can’t get enough of this series though. What is wrong with me? I like the storyline and I’m secretly hoping she starts being more likeable, laugh at herself a little, cut off her penis and start being more feminine and maybe wear cute clothes. Some of her outfits sound hideous; jogging shorts with socks that sound suspiciously like tube socks, polo shirts, windbreakers, pantyhose and purple dress suits. And since I’m a hopeless romantic, I’m cheering for Anita to fall in love with Jean-Claude.

I’ve already started reading the next book, Circus of the Damned.

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