V is for VampWoman – Love at Stake Series – Kerrelyn Sparks

Vampires Gone Wild (Supernatural Underground) (Love at Stake)

Lady Pamela! Really??? I’m so disappointed! I’ve been waiting and waiting for Mikhail’s story and not only is his story a novella and super short but he gets paired up with one of Roman Draganesti’s ex harem girls who in earlier books seemed to have the personality of a moldy old wet mop. In earlier books, she was barely mentioned but when she was mentioned she was one of the snobby harem women with old fashioned views and who was really judgmental. Kerrelyn Sparks tried to explain why she was like that but only seemed to make her appear foolish.
So, here’s the story…
A few of the Vamps are out fighting Malcontents, the bad vampires who feed off humans, and all of the sudden, Pamela shows up in a costume and mask. She calls herself Vamp Woman and insists on fighting with the men. She’s had six months training in weapons and fighting while the other Vamps and Malcontents have had centuries of experience. The men try to tell her she would be more of a hindrance than helpful and that they would have to worry about her while they fight but she is stubborn and refuses to go home. Apparently, she is tired of hiding and not being useful so she now wants to fight.
Mikhail has always been in love with Pamela but has always admired her from afar not wanting to get involved with her because he believes her to be vain and selfish just like his wife centuries ago who sold out their little girl to Malcontents because they promised to transform her so she could be young and beautiful forever. Instead, the malcontents killed her after they killed her daughter. Now, he sees Pamela or Lady Pamela in a different light so now he wants her to be with him.
In earlier books, Mikhail was a man of few words but he was witty and sarcastic. I had such a crush on him. I saw none of his personality in this book. The book was short but I think his personality could have come out. I was really bummed that he was so serious in this book.
Despite my disappointment with this book, I am in love with this series. I’ve caught up and now there is only one book left to read, Crouching Tiger, Forbidden Vampire. It’s the last book and it is about Russell. It comes out in December. I can’t wait. Well, okay…I have to wait but it will be hard to wait. I hope Master Han and Darafer get creamed.

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