The Vampire with the Dragon Tattoo – Love at Stake Series – Kerrelyn Sparks

Book #14

I fell in love with Dougal. I loved the way he was so vulnerable and his past was really sad that nobody except for Connor knew about it and he only knew about it because when he sired Dougal to transform him into a vampire, he absorbed his memories.

Three or four books ago, Dougal lost his right hand in a battle. It turned to dust immediately so it could not be sewn back on. He has a mechanical hand now that operates on mind control. He also has learned how to sword fight with both hands. Before he was a vampire, he was captured and taken to China where he became a slave. He fell in love with the master’s daughter, Ka-li-lea, who helped free him. The book keeps saying how he somehow failed her and she died. He promised her, “I will find you. No matter what. If it takes a thousand years, I will find you.”

Now, he is working at Romatech in New York as the new head of security. When he sees Leah for the first time, he is reminded of Li Lei. He thinks her soul has somehow found him.

Leah Chin is a doctor and scientist who specializes in genetics. The Vamps hired her for her extraordinary talents in the field of genetics. She is a genius who started college when she was just a teenager. She is having trouble believing that vampires exist but agrees to work with them. When she meets Dougal, she is drawn to him for some reason.

There was a lot happening in this book. The fight with Master Han and his soldiers intensifies but the Vamps want to save the super soldiers and return them to normal so they have Leah, Abby and Laszlo working on a serum to cure them. Darafer, the demon, makes more trouble. How do you fight against someone who is more powerful than anyone and who can freeze time? They are told that the only ones who can stop Darafer are warrior angels and only if Darafer forces someone to do evil against their free will.

The love story is intense. Dougal loves Leah so much that he is willing to let her forget him to save her. My heart was breaking for him. One of my favorite things about Dougal was whenever Leah would say, “You wish.” Dougal would say, “I do wish.” It was so romantic.

My only complaint is that the author used the word, “winced” again too often. I counted it 75 times in this book. I’m trying not to let it bug me but it does.

Other than that, I couldn’t put this book down. It is my favorite of all the books in the series so far!


Book Cover Design – It’s alright. The model has a great body and the dragon tattoo goes with the theme. I think the colors could have been better. I think the background blue and the yellow type is boring. It could have been better with a more dramatic color theme.
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