Sexiest VAMPIRE Alive – Love at Stake Series – Kerrelyn Sparks

Book #11

It just gets more ridiculous with each book but it’s one of the reasons I like these books so much. The last book had angels and demons in it. This one features the President of the United States oldest daughter.

Vampires are at risk of humans finding out they exist because Corky Courrant, the vicious talk show host turned Malcontent, uploaded a video to YouTube of a Vamp (Vamps are good vampires who drink synthetic blood from a bottle and Malcontents are bad vampires who feed off of humans and enjoy watching them suffer) beheading her lover, Casimir, the leader of the Malcontents. The most basic law amongst vampires good or bad is not to let humans find out about them but Corky broke that law.

Now, it is up to Gregori Holstein to convince the President of the United States that Vamps are trustworthy and are willing to work with them and the video has to be shut down and declared a hoax. Gregori was transformed into a vampire 18 years ago when Casimir attacked him outside Romatech where he was picking up his mother from work. She knew that her boss, Roman Draganesti, was a vampire and begged him to save Gregori by turning him into a vampire. Gregori has never had to survive by biting humans because he was transformed after Roman Draganesti invented synthetic blood so he is the perfect vampire to convince the president that he is trustworthy and that vampires mean no harm to humans. The president has his own agenda. His wife has lupus and his eldest daughter, Abigail, is a scientist working on a cure. She’s heard of some rare plants only found in some remote areas of China that could help with the cure. The president wants Gregori to teleport Abigail into China to find and retrieve these three plants without anyone ever knowing they were there.

Of course, Gregori and Abigail are instantly attracted to each other on sight but even if the president accepts an alliance with the Vamps, he would probably never accept a vampire dating his daughter. That could blow the whole deal.

I had to roll my eyes at some of the ridiculous stuff that was in this book. The president allows his two daughters to go out to a vampire club with just two agents from the Secret Security guarding them. I can’t even imagine that first daughters are allowed into regular nightclubs unless the entire place has been gone through with a fine tooth comb beforehand and then there would be agents scattered all over the place watching every little detail but not in this book. It just was a little far-fetched. Okay, I know you’re probably thinking that vampires are far-fetched also but let’s just pretend I believe in the vampires since I have read 11 books in the series now. The reason I buy into them is because Kerrelyn Sparks is such a good writer that she has made fall in love and hate with the characters so I’m willing to overlook certain things but as an American, I would hope the president would provide better security for his own daughters.

Besides the few things that I thought were ridiculous the rest of the book was full of adventure and conspiracies. In book #9, Eat Prey Love, a new threat was introduced, a masked vampire named Master Han. He has an army of followers who have tattoos showing they are his slaves. In this book, we learn that his slaves are humans with super abilities derived from a plant called the Demon Herb which is one of the plants that Abigail is searching for to cure her mother. We find out that it is called the Demon Herb because a demon named Darafer invented it, the same demon who was in book #10, Vampire Mine, and he is working with Master Han. It will be interesting to see where all this leads. I love this stuff!

The books have taken on more of a serious tone but the author still includes some humor. I am really missing the humor that made me fall in love with this series in the first place. I hope to see more of it in the following books.

I’ve started reading the next book and so far it is pretty good even though it isn’t about my crush, Mikhail. It’s about Phineas.


Book Cover Design – Meh. It’s just okay. There is nothing special about it. If I was in a book store trying to pick out a book to read, I wouldn’t give this book a second look. The male model is handsome but not what I would call the sexiest man alive let alone vampire. His body is smoking though. I guess he could match the description of Gregori but to me, Gregori has more charisma and would probably be smiling or at least smirking. The one thing I like is the light behind the couple illuminates the man making him the focal point. The typography is nice. It focuses on the word “Vampire” so the reader knows it is a paranormal romance.

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