The Vampire and the Virgin – Love at Stake Series – Kerrelyn Sparks

Book #8
Now this was a romance worth reading! I had on my mental cheerleader’s outfit, routing for this couple all the way through the book.

Robby MacKay is on a forced vacation from work so that he can cool down after he was tortured by Casimir, the leader of the Malcontents who are the evil vampires who feed off and torture humans. Robby is a good vampire or Vamp as they call themselves and after his torture, revenge is the only thing on his mind. He refused therapy so he has been sent to the Greek Island, Patmos to relax and to clear his head. His plan is to exercise and get in prime condition to fight and kill Casimir. He also wants to leave the island to search for Casimir but his friends and coworkers conveniently keep showing up for their vacations so he never gets a chance to be alone to leave the island.

Olivia Sotiris is also on a forced vacation visiting her grandmother on the island of Patmos because she is getting away from a psychopath who is obsesses with her. She works for the FBI and uses her special skills of being an empath and she has the ability to know when anyone is telling a lie. Her stalker is in prison for raping and murdering at least thirteen women but he still manages to somehow find her wherever she goes. He sends her six apples to let her know he has found her. She hopes that he won’t find her on the island since very few people know she is there.

Olivia sees Robby from the terrace of her grandmother’s house one night while he is jogging on the beach. She looks through the telescope to get a better view of him and then realizes that he has stopped running and is looking at her. Yep, it’s pretty embarrassing to be caught ogling someone through a telescope. The next morning, her grandmother gives her a single red rose that was left on the steps leading up from the beach and knows that the mystery jogger left it for her. I thought that was so romantic.

Robby thinks he has seen an angel or Greek goddess when he sees Olivia looking at him through the telescope. He decides he has to meet her to make sure she is real. When they meet, they are instantly attracted to each other. Robby is the first person that Olivia cannot read with her empathy skills. She is leery of him because she cannot tell if he is telling her the truth or not. At one point, Robby thinks that his Grandfather who is also his employer has sent Olivia to council him since she is a psychologist but then she convinces him that she has no clue what he is talking about. They start to fall in love.

One day, Olivia finds a box of six apples on her grandmother’s table. Her stalker has found her. She immediately gets herself and her grandmother off the island. She leaves Robby a note to contact her at her FBI office in Kansas City. They proceed with a long distance romance over the next six months. Olivia is trying to find out who is helping her stalker send her apples. Robby is helping the Vamps try to find Casimir. Olivia and Robby get to know a lot about each other except of course, he still hasn’t told her that he is a vampire. He knows he has to but is afraid she will reject him.

Things with their enemies get intense but I don’t want to spoil the ending for anyone.

A lot of the characters from the other books in the series make appearances and we meet some new characters who may end up having significant roles in future books. I keep hoping that the next romance will be about Connor because I have a little crush on him and I want to see what caused him to be so bitter against love.
I’ve peeked at the next book but Connor isn’t the lead male character. Carlos is. I love Carlos. I can’t wait to read his story.

Book Cover Design – If I had a numerical rating system this would be a nine out of ten. I love the way the male is in black and white and the female is in color. The color of the typography for the author’s name mimics the grey of the vampire’s skin and the title is red which makes it pop against the dark background. I would have given it a ten except the models don’t quite match up to the characters in the book. The female could be Olivia with her hair straightened but the male model doesn’t look like a redhead but since he is in black and white, it is hard to tell.
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