Forbidden Nights with a Vampire – Love at Stake Series – Kerrelyn Sparks

Book 7
This book did not seem to make me laugh like the other books did. I guess it is because the books are getting more serious as the tension between the good vampires and the bad vampires builds but I miss the humor.
Vanda Barkowski has anger management issues and currently has three lawsuits pending in vampire court. They all get dropped as long as she goes through some anger management therapy. This is her second time going through it. When nobody else volunteers to be her anger management sponsor, Phil Jones decides to give it a try.
Phil has had feelings for Vanda for years but because she was a member of Roman Draganesti’s harem and one of the people he was in charge of guarding, he could never act on those feelings. Now, Vanda is no longer part of the harem since it disbanded and she is part owner of a Vamp male strip club. She loves her job and the freedom it gives her over her own life. She does not want help with her anger control because she knows it will dredge up old memories that she would rather keep buried.
Phil is an alpha werewolf but very few know about his secret. He doesn’t know the details but he knows Vanda hates wolves. When things heat up between him and Vanda, he knows he has to tell her the truth about himself but worries that it will ruin their relationship.
I liked these two together. They had chemistry and Phil was so patient with some of Vanda’s tantrums. I do have to admit something though. In previous books, I thought of Vanda as kind of a mule-headed woman with not much depth to her and I kept picturing her looking like Nicki Minaj with purple hair because of her cat suits.
Meanwhile, the war is on between the Vamps and the Malcontents. Casimir, the leader of the Malcontents bombed some of the Romatechs in the United States to try to curb the production of synthetic blood and force the Vamps to start feeding off mortals again. He thinks that Vamps will remember how much they liked it and come to his side. Someone in the book, I can’t remember who, says that the Malcontents like feeding off humans and are made up of evil beings who were evil even before they turned into vampires. The Vamps or good vampires are made up of peace loving beings so they have a bunch of wimps on their side.
There is a lot going on in the background stories and that is what makes these books so interesting. I am so devoted to the characters that I want to see what happens to them all.
I’ve already started reading the next book, The Vampire and the Virgin.

Book Cover – Who the heck are those two people on the front cover? Vanda has purple hair. The woman on the front has red. It looks like they just had a picture laying around and said, “Oh, let’s just slap this one on the cover. No one will notice.” The least they could have done was make the background or typography purple to somehow tie it to the book.

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