Secret Life of a Vampire – Love at Stake Series – Kerrelyn Sparks

Book #6

I didn’t buy it. Not the book, I bought the book. I had to so I could read it. I didn’t buy the romance. It just did not work for me. They meet each other briefly a few times and they are already in love with each other?

When a bachelor party for vampires gets out of hand and the cops get called, Giacomo de Venicia or Jack as he’s known by his friends gets stuck with convincing the two police officers that show up that everything is fine. He will just erase their memories and be done with it except that one of the police officers, Lara Boucher, is immune to mind control so he cannot erase her memory. One of the partygoers, Laszlo, couldn’t handle his whiskey flavored synthetic blood drink so he threw it up all over everything. Lara thinks Laszlo has been injured and calls an ambulance. When she sees her partner and the paramedics leave without helping Laszlo, she has more questions than answers but she has no choice but to also leave. She is confused when she gets to her patrol car and her partner has no memory of even going into the hotel where the party had been.

She returns to the hotel the next morning and all records of the party are erased. The hotel records show that the room where the party was held had not even been rented the night before. None of the employees remember anything and the people in the neighboring rooms don’t remember anything either except for one man. He said that he heard bagpipes and even something that sounded like a sword fight. He couldn’t sleep so he went out to a bar and got drunk and didn’t return until daylight.

Lara decides to investigate further. She figures that the bachelor party was for a Scottish groom since there were bagpipes involved so she crashes all three of the weddings listed in the Newspaper with grooms who have Scottish surnames looking for Jack. She finds him at the last one. She discovers he has a few “superpowers” like being able to erase memories and mind control.

When she discovers that the minds of a few college girls may have been erased, she enlists the help of Jack to help her discover who kidnapped a college girl from campus. Lara knows that Jack has the ability to control minds except for her own, he has super strength and speed and he can teleport. She thinks he may be over two hundred years old also. She doesn’t know what he is but she thinks he could be an alien. She makes out with him and even teleports to his palace in Venice for a romantic evening where the caretakers and a priest tell her what a wonderful man Jack is. When she finally discovers that he is a vampire, she rejects him and tells him to go away. I didn’t get this. It’s okay to be an alien and she has obviously seen what a caring man he is but it’s not okay to be a vampire? I mean, hasn’t everyone seen Twilight, Vampire Diaries and True Blood? Vampires can be good guys. They’ve got good press lately. I just had a hard time with her immediate rejection of him. I had a harder time believing Jack was in love with Lara after only spending maybe a total of twelve hours in total with her. It seemed more like lust instead of love.

After the poop hit the fan and Lara is in big trouble so she needs Jack to save her, she decides that she can accept Jack for who he is. Wow, that was convenient.

Even though I did not like Lara and I thought the romance was forced, I enjoyed the book. The story of the kidnapped girls and what happened to them was intriguing. There was the humor that has made me adore Kerrelyn Sparks writing in the story like when Jack got his ring stuck in the lace of Lara’s panties. The humor is the main reason I started reading this series. There were also the side stories and the character building of some of the background characters who may end up having their own romance featured in a book.

The next book is Forbidden Nights with a Vampire. I have it downloaded and ready to go.

Book Cover Rating It’s just okay to me. I like the purple background but the scrollwork that is supposed to look like a diary is distracting. The male model is good looking but his haircut looks like it is from the eighties or nineties. What is with the shadow of the man? Hello!!! Vampires don’t have shadows! The model would also pop out from the background better without the shadow. The typography is probably the best thing about the cover. The colors contrast nicely with the background and it is easy to read. One thing I have noticed about this series is that the book covers are not consistent. A lot of book series have a certain format that all of the books covers of the series follow but not this one which is not a bad thing. It’s just that you can’t automatically recognize the cover as part of the series without reading the words.

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