All I Want for Christmas is a Vampire – Love at Stake Series – Kerrelyn Sparks

Book #5

What can I say? I dig this series even if some of the stuff in the books is implausible and sometimes ridiculous. I don’t care. I like the stories so much that I want to believe it all so I just roll with it.
Ian MacPhie has just physically aged twelve years in twelve days thanks to a drug that was originally invented to keep vampires awake during the day but has the strange side effect of aging the recipient one year for every day the drug is taken. He was transformed almost 500 years ago at the age of 15 so he has been stuck with a body of a teenager even though he has lived for centuries. It has not been good for his love life so when Roman Draganesti discovered that the drug he invented aged the user, Ian jumped at the chance to test it. He now has the body of a gorgeous 27 year-old.
hot guy in kilt
He is ready to find the love of his life. He knows exactly the kind of woman that he wants. She has to be honest, loyal, pretty and intelligent, in that order. Oh, and she has to be a Vamp because he wants to start out the relationship with honesty and since most mortals are unaware of vampires, he would have to lie to them about who he really is. Even if a human knew he was a vampire, they probably wouldn’t understand his past. His friend Vanda decides to help him by setting up a profile on a dating site. She tells him to let her handle the details because she knows exactly what women want. He has no idea what Vanda posts on his profile.

—————My true love will be like a shimmering starlit  princess in my enchanted Highland castle. And I’ll be her devoted love slave, attending to her every waking desire till she’s flooded with waves of sensual pleasure.—–

It also promises to lavish lots of money on his true love and to keep her in a state or orgasmic bliss forever

Toni Davis has just been hired on at MacKay Security and Investigations. She was attacked by evil vampires but saved by Conner, the head of MacKay Security. He explained that there are bad vampires called Malcontents and good vampires who call themselves Vamps who drink synthetic blood out of a bottle instead of biting mortals. Conner sees that she knows how to fight so he gives her a choice. She can either have her mind wiped clean and forget the event or she can go to work for him. She chooses the job of protecting the Vamps during the day while they are in their death sleep even though she despises them and has a secret agenda to somehow get proof that vampires exist so she can help her friend who was also attacked by Malcontents but now believes herself to be delusional.
Ian and Toni do not hit it off at first. He doesn’t know that Toni is the new security guard and mistakes her being an intruder in Roman Draganesti’s townhouse. They struggle until the other guards tell him that she is the new guard. To make matters worse, the next day when Toni is guarding the Vamps, women start calling and asking for Ian. His profile on the dating website is super popular and the phone just won’t stop ringing. Toni gets tired of taking messages from superficial sounding girls and even two men so she takes a permanent marker and writes in capital letters HOT, HOT STUDMUFFIN on his t-shirt while he is wearing it and while he is in his death sleep. Below the caps, she writes For a good time, call Travis. I cheered her on because that is something I would do.

Even though they are fiercely attracted to one another, Ian suspects that Toni is up to something. He tells her that he is going to investigate her and see what secrets she is hiding.
This book has all kinds of different things going on and introduces a few new characters. There is Carlos Panterra who is Toni’s next door neighbor and good friend. He is helping Toni with her agenda. He has his own secrets. There is Sabrina, Toni’s best friend and roommate who she is trying to save from a life of living in a mental hospital. There is Teddy, a strange man who they meet while visiting Sabrina in the mental hospital and we get better acquainted with some of the other characters who were mentioned in earlier books like the daytime guard, Howard, the head of security for MacKay Security, Connor and Vanda, the ex-harem girl turned part owner of the Horny Devils male strip club. There is also the whole cast from previous books. It was almost too much information to process but I managed.
I liked both the main characters in this book and I enjoyed their romance. I can’t believe how fast I am going through this series. I wonder which character will get to star in the next book, Secret Life of a Vampire.

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