Be Still My Vampire Heart – Love at Stake Series – Kerrelyn Sparks

Book #3
I’m falling in love with all the characters of this series. The Love at Stake series has so many interesting characters that I want to get to know. Some have been there from the first book like Gregori, the hilarious vice president of marketing for Romatech and Ian MacPhie, the security guard who looks like he’s a teenager yet he’s hundreds of years old and Connor, another kilt wearing security guard. New characters were introduced in this book like Zoltan Czakvar, the coven master of Eastern Europe and Phineas McKinney. He was turned by the Malcontents but he wasn’t evil and couldn’t kill mortals so Angus MacKay offered him a job. I doubt Phineas will ever have his own book because he is just not a lead character type of guy. He’s definitely a sidekick, a very flawed sidekick.
black and white kilt
This book was about Angus MacKay, the owner of MacKay Security and Investigation and is the coven master of Britain. He has been alive or undead for almost 500 years. He sets out to find the “Slayer” who has been killing Malcontents. Katya, the coven master of the Malcontents or True Ones as they call themselves on the East Coast, thinks the Nonbiters are killing her people in Central Park and has threatened war with them so Angus needs to find the slayer fast to prevent a war.
Emma Wallace is the Slayer. She works for the secret CIA team called the Stake-Out Team under the leadership of Sean Whelan. She hates vampires because of something that happened in her past which is probably something to do with her mom and dad since she labels all her stakes with either mum or dad. She believes that all vampires prey on mortals so she stalks Central Park looking for vampires who are in the act of killing a mortal. She has to get them when they are unsuspecting because she knows she is no match for the strength and speed of a vampire even though she is a black belt and can kick some serious ass.
When she meets Angus MacKay in the park on St. Patrick’s Day, there is some serious chemistry going on between them. She loves his quick wit and how his humor and it doesn’t hurt that he’s gorgeous. I cracked up at their banter and I like the way she goads him. She figures he is wearing a kilt because it is St. Patrick’s Day and when he starts digging in his sporran to give her a business card, she tells him, “Whenever you need something, it’s on the bottom. I have the same problem with my purse.”
She doesn’t realize that he is a vampire until after she leaves the park.
When Emma realizes Angus is a vampire, she sets up a trap to kill him but he easily gets out of her trap and shows her how easily a vampire could overpower her. He tells her the difference between the Nonbiters and the Malcontents and tries to convince her to stop slaying. He becomes her protector against the Malcontents. Their feeling begin to intensify.
Meanwhile the background story has Shanna Whelan from the first book pregnant and ready to give birth. Roman has everything prepared for her birth but is worried that the baby will be a vampire. Cassimir, the evil leader of all the Malcontents, has sent his right-hand man named Jedrek Janow to Katya to tell her to capture and hand over the Slayer or he will remove her from being coven master and let Jedrek take over her coven. She tells him that she’ll do one better than that and hand over the Slayer and Angus MacKay.
I can’t give away the ending but it is so GOOD.
So now, I am off to read the next book in the series The Undead Next Door. Gosh, the cheesy titles just keep getting better.

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