How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire – Love at Stake Series – Kerrelyn Sparks

I have found myself a new series to read.
The first and second chapters had me bursting out laughing so hard that tears came out of my eyes. I bought the book because I had just finished reading a few dark and serious books by some of my favorite authors but they were seriously lacking the quality that I have come to expect from them. I kept seeing this book on Goodreads and thought, “Why the hell not?” so I bought it with very low expectations. I mean, the title alone suggests uber cheesiness, right? Wrong! Well, sort of wrong…this author knows exactly what is cheesy and she knows exactly what she is doing. Is she riding the tailwinds of the vampire-craze storm? Of course, but she does it in a way that lets us know that she knows that we know. You know?
Usually, the lead male character is so macho and controlling that it borders on misogyny. Sometimes, they also are way too serious for my taste. Kerrelyn Sparks knows how to make a man sexy and powerful but isn’t afraid to poke some fun at him.
Roman Draganesti is a very old vampire who is the head of Romatech Industries and the inventor of synthetic blood. He loses a fang and needs to get to a dentist before sunrise or his body will heal the space in his gum where the fang should go while he sleeps. His loyal staff helps him find a dental clinic that stays open overnight.
vampire fangs
Shanna Whelan is a dentist who works the graveyard shift at a dental clinic. She has been working there six weeks and has only had one client. She is so bored that her biggest excitement has been learning how to make her chair squeak to match the rhythm of the elevator music that is playing in the clinic. She goes by the name of Jane Wilson because she is in the Witness Protection Program. She witnessed a restaurant full of people along with her best friend get gunned down by the Russian Mafia while she hid. She is now afraid of the sight of blood and freaks out when she sees it. She answers the phone and someone on the other end tells her that he knows who she really is and that he’s coming to get her. She calls the US Marshal in charge of her case and gets voice mail. She locks the clinic doors but turns around to find Roman standing there. She points her gun at him but he easily takes it away from her. He ends up helping her escape the Russians and figures out the lead assassin is an old enemy of his and the assassin is also a vampire.
I read this book until my eyes blurred. I was so into it that I tried to up the size on the font on my Kindle (my phone) but I just was too exhausted to focus. I finished the book earlier today. I already have the next book, Vamps and the City, downloaded. I hope it is as captivating as the first book and I hope she continues with the humor that hooked me on this first book.

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