Heart of the Dove – Dragon Chalice Series by Lara Adrian writing as Tina St. John

The first two-thirds of this book was slow and I was having a hard time getting through it. In fact, I read about 75% of the book when Immortal by J.R. Ward came out so I read that book and then came back to finish this one. That’s when it finally started to be interesting.
Randwulf of Greycliff has nothing to lose. He lost his wife and young son after the evil Silas de Mortaine sent his shifters after them all in the name of finding the Dragon Chalice, a magical cup that was split into four parts then hidden in different locals and when all four parts are found will meld together to become one cup and will give the owner unfathomable power and immortality. Now, Rand only lives to find the final cup (he already has two of the cups that have fused together to form one cup) and take revenge on Silas de Mortaine. He sets off for Scotland to find the final cup but a shifter follows him aboard the ship he is on and fights him during a fierce storm. They fall overboard. The shifter dies but Rand is washed up on a secluded beach.
Serena has the gift of Knowing. When she touches someone, she sees all their secrets. She finds Rand on the beach but her mother orders her to leave him to die because her mother believes all men are evil but Serena goes back later that night to help him. He thinks she has stolen his chalice because he was sure he had it when he first washed up on the beach. Serena and her mother agree to let Rand stay in their secluded forest near the beach until he is healthy enough to leave.
Rand and Serena start to fall in love. Rand feels like he is betraying his dead wife because it has been such a short time. The story stretches on like this for quite some time until the end where all the action occurs. It all leads back to the beginning of the series and all lingering questions are answered. In the end, it was a pretty good series.
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