Immortal – Fallen Angel Series – J.R. Ward


UUUUUUUUGH! I was so frustrated all the way through this book. I couldn’t stand any of the characters except for Adrian and Eddie…and maybe Dog.

I am glad the series is over because the last two books were more irritating than enjoyable. If you follow the series, you know that Heaven and Hell made a deal because someone got bored and put seven human souls into play to see if Team Good or Team Evil can win them. The team that gets four wins first wins everything. Team Good consists of four snooty archangels who sit up in Heaven, drink tea and play croquet, two thuggish backup angels named Adrian and Eddie and Jim, the savior. There is also the dog who may be God in disguise. Team Evil basically consists of only Devina but she has shadow minions who can fight for her when she calls upon them. She also knows all the rules and has immense powers. The Creator and Devina are the ones who chose Jim to be the leader of Team Good. They agreed upon him because he was 50% good and 50% evil. He is an ex-black ops agent who had just left the life of killing to lead a normal life before he was murdered and became the leader of Team Good. He knows none of the rules or how to use his powers and he never even tries to learn any of this stuff which could have given him an advantage. The only one on Team Good who seems to know anything about the game or war as the call it is Eddie but he has been out of commission for the last few books.

I could never get myself to like Jim throughout the whole series. He is supposed to be ex-military so he should be disciplined and able to plan moves out but instead he seems like he lets his dick do his thinking for him. He has sex with Devina who may look good with her stolen body but underneath she is rotting flesh. It just disgusted me to think he had sex with her. In the fourth book, Rapture, he becomes obsessed with Sissy, the 19 year-old virgin who Devina murdered and hung her body to guard her collection and ancient mirror. Devina somehow put her good soul into her vault of evil souls down in hell so in order to get her out, Jim trades one of his wins for Sissy’s soul. The whole 5th book, Possession, Jim spent pining for Sissy. He said he was worrying about how she was adapting to her new life. He really just had a hard on for her. Then at the end of Possession, he goes and sleeps with Devina again. He just is a disgusting pig.

In this book, Jim blames Sissy for his loss of the last soul because he said he was too busy worrying about her which was strange because Adrian basically kept Sissy company in the last book. Sissy, who I liked okay in the last book, became a whiner in this book. She suffered in Devina’s vault in Hell and was lucky to get out but now been out for a week or less and starts having thoughts about how she just can’t go on like this living the way she is living like she has been enduring it for years. It just made her character seem weak.

What makes her seem even lamer is when she has sex with Jim not even 24 hours after she knows he has slept with Devina. It just seemed desperate.

I had to force myself to keep reading the book. It took me days to read the whole book which is long for me. I kept finding any excuse to do other things. The romance between Jim and Sissy didn’t even interest me. I was routing for Adrian and Sissy to get together at one point because they seemed to have a better connection than Jim and Sissy had. I kept thinking of Jim as some middle aged, burned-out man who wanted some young tail. I really didn’t even care if they got together or not. I wasn’t feeling it.

I love the Black Dagger Brotherhood series but the Fallen Angel series was not for me.
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