Heart of the Hunter – Dragon Chalice Series – Lara Adrian writing as Tina St. John

I got this book free from Lara Adrian’s Facebook page. I am looking for a new series since I have finished all the books in all the series that I follow and no books are due to come out for a while so I decided to read it. Why not, it was free? And I like Lara Adrian’s Midnight Breed Series.
I noticed that she was writing under the pseudonym Tina St. John and I assumed she wrote this series before she started writing as Lara Adrian so I wasn’t expecting something as stellar as her Midnight Breed series. It wasn’t bad but it isn’t my usual cup of tea. Yes, I know that I used past tense and present tense in one sentence. I like paranormal romances and urban fantasies with hard core bad boys and sexy feisty women. I guess this could be a paranormal book but it is more of a historical romance or rather medieval romance with a touch of paranormal which I also enjoy. Once in a while, I like reading historical books even if they aren’t romance. Within the last year, I read The White Queen and The Red Queen.
medieval man
This was an excellent read! It is set in the early thirteenth century. Ariana of Clairmont sets off to save her brother from his kidnappers who want a satchel containing his research from when he was a Knight Templar. She is naïve and has no idea she is walking into a setup that could end in her death. In the dead of winter when no one else will cross the sea from England to France, she purchases passage with a man who turns out to be a vicious criminal who takes her money, kills her guard and tries to kidnap Ariana until a reluctant hero rescues her.
For the past year and a half, Braedon…once known as Le Chasseur or the Hunter, has tried to keep his life on the down-low and stay away from anything that has to do with the Dragon Chalice, an ancient relic made up of four cups hidden around the world and said to give the finder unlimited power and immortality, which got his men killed and almost got him killed when he was hired by a man, Silas de Mortaine, to find a thief whole stole one of the cups from him. He is now haunted by what he saw that fateful day he received the scar on his face and lost his friends. Now, he is thrown together with a woman who he needs to protect while they embark on a journey to save her brother.
medieval woman
It’s fun to read about people who lived in medieval times. It makes me so glad that I live in modern times. Dressing up and going to renaissance fairs is fun but that is as far as it goes for me. Through the whole book which was probably about two weeks or more, Ariana wore one dress. She bathed a few times but put on the same dress each time. I’m not sure if Braedon fully bathed at all until the end so I was pretty grossed out by the love scenes especially when there was anything that involved oral sex. Nothing says “stinky cheese” like a night of sex then a day of travel on horseback and then some oral sex the next night…Yum! Now, that I think of it, kissing might have been a little disgusting too with not brushing their teeth. Ugh…I need to stop thinking about it.
The storyline was compelling and the historical setting and events seemed credible. I’m hooked. I’m off to read the second book of the series. Hopefully, there is more paranormal activity in this next book.
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