Beauty Awakened – Angels of the Dark Series by Gena Showalter


Book 2

In the last book, Wicked Nights, Koldo went to the council to get a vial of Water of Life from the River of Life to save his leader Zacharel from dying. In order to receive the vial, he had to forfeit something he loved which was his hair. He had beautiful long hair that he kept intricately beaded and he prized it. It was not said why he loved his hair so much but we find out in this book that his hair sets him apart from his father’s people who are bald. His selfless act made me fall in love with Koldo.

This book starts out with a seven-year old Koldo yearning for his mother’s love but not getting it. His mother is an angel or “Sent One” who has love for everyone except for Koldo. She rips off his wings and drops him in the middle of his father’s camp and leaves him there to be tortured. His father is a Nefas, a soul sucking race who live to inflict pain on others no matter what their age. Nefas are bald and hairless. Even the women are bald. Koldo suffered at the hands of his father until he was saved by an army of Sent Ones. He is now a Sent One but because of his vengeful heart towards his mother, he was ordered to be part of what others call the “Army of Disgrace”, a group of angels who are on the edge of being cast out to become fallen angels.

The way Koldo is described kept making me think of Jason Mamoa in Game of Thrones and later in the book, Nicola compares him to Drogos so then I knew I was picturing him right. He sounded so delicious that I wanted to start munching on him.

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Koldo sees Nicola when he is sent to a hospital to help someone who asked for help from the Most High. He sees her talking to her twin sister who is in a coma and decides to help her. She and her twin sister were born with weak hearts. Koldo thinks he can save and heal Nicola but not her twin since she is too far gone but ends up caring so much for Nicola that he goes to Zacharel to ask if there was any Water of Life left in the vial he had given to him to save his life. There was only one drop so Koldo gives it to Nicola’s sister, Laila. He then teaches Nicola how to heal her heart by speaking positive words and not believing the demons. Nicola learned fast but Laila, despite being healed while on her death bed and despite actually seeing demons and Sent Ones, Laila doesn’t believe what Koldo tells her and does not do what she needs to do to be healed.

Nicola is a perfect pick for Koldo. She soothes his tortured soul. The romance was good from the start. It wasn’t one of those volatile love-hate relationships that I get so tired of in romance novels. This one was steady and grew into an eternal love.

The side stories are heating up also. We are learning about the other Sent Ones under Zacharel’s command. Boy oh boy, do they have some sordid pasts and habits!

Only one thing made me a little leery about the book. It felt a little preachy like the author is trying to make this series about Christianity instead of being a paranormal romance. I mean, it is about angels albeit dark angels so there is going to be a good versus evil theme but this was more than that. The first book of the series was more subtle but this one had an overall moral theme and message to it. The sex scenes were vague which if you have ever a Gena Showalter sex scene, you know is not like her. They used to make me blush. I actually, don’t mind the new vague sex scenes because I have always thought some of the sex scenes in paranormal romance books are sometimes too explicit and erotic but the thing that seemed over the top was that the couple did not actually have intercourse until after they were married. So do you get where I think it was a little preachy? That doesn’t even bother me. I will continue to read the series because I like it. It’s a good series but I do see the author losing some of her readers and I also see this author going into writing young adult books and books geared toward Christians instead of paranormal romance.

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