The Darkest Craving – Lords of the Underworld by Gena Showalter

This book had a different feel to it than the rest of the books in the series did. I’m not exactly what was so different but maybe it is because there wasn’t the threat of Galen, The Hunters, Rhea and Cronus so the book really focused on the relationship between Kane and Josephina.
Kane wasn’t featured a lot in the other books until the last one, The Darkest Seduction, so I wasn’t sure what to expect of him. He broke my heart when I got to know him. He had gone through so much with his recent torture in hell. Unlike the other warriors, he and his demon have never gotten along and have always fought against each other and where the other warriors’ demons like their significant others, Disaster hates Josephina. Disaster makes Kane’s life miserable daily. While getting tortured in hell, Disaster laughed and loved it.
I like Josephina from the get go. She’s a Fae from the Realm of Séduire. She is the bastard child of the king. She is what they call a blood slave because she is related to the king she gets to be the whipping girl for the king’s favored daughter, Synda who houses the demon Irresponsibility. Synda gets into a lot of trouble so Josephina gets punished a lot. The last punishment, Josephina was sent to hell where she meets a Phoenix named Petra. She finds Kane chained. She asks him if she rescues him if he will kill her. He is out of it and agrees so she rescues him but in order to rescue him she uses her ability to steal or borrow other people’s powers on the Phoenix. She rescued the Phoenix also but she was still angry and vowed to kill Josephina.
Josephina is star-struck because the Fae have kept tabs on the Lords of the Underworld since the beginning and have books and even fan clubs about them. It’s cute how she talks to herself to give herself compliments since nobody else does it. Kane wakes up and refuses to kill her. She runs away from him but he ends up looking for her. The Phoenix is after her too. He ends up in Séduire where he sees how bad Josephina is treated and realizes why she wants to die.
I liked their love story and the challenges they faced. It worked up slowly and had some believable misunderstandings. Some of her earlier books tended to have the two leads hate each other or she had the characters throw up pointless or frivoulous roadblocks up to get in the way of their love.
There were only three things I did not like about this book.
All of the sudden the angels are called the “Sent Ones” so I felt like I missed something. I know at the end of the last book, Zacharel is put in charge of some heavenly bad boy angels who drink, cuss and take lovers but there was no mention of them being called the “Sent Ones” and I thought it was more of a plug for her new series Angels of the Dark than being a part of the plot for Lords of the Underworld.
The ending was too much like Aeron’s story.
This may seem petty for most people but having gone to school for graphic design, cover design is important to me. Some people will pick up a book just because the cover is cool. Even though I read e-books, I still always check out the cover art and I’ve often admired the covers of The Lords of the Underworld series books. Not this one. This cover looks like it is washed out, almost as if it were old and from the 70’s but without the cool retro feeling.
Other than those two things, I enjoyed the story and look forward to Torin’s story. It is the only one I had to wait for in the series so far. I think I will start on the Angels of the Dark series while I wait for Torin’s story.

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