The Darkest Seduction – Lords of the Underworld by Gena Showalter

What just happened? The first half of the book was slow but at the end, things happened so fast that I was a bit flabbergasted. I’m going to try to explain without ruining the book for others who have not read it yet but that may be kind of hard. I’ll just put in some spoiler alert sections so you’ll be aptly warned not to read that part. Is that kind of like putting a cream filled donut in front of someone who is on a diet?
The big portion of the first half of the book focuses on Paris and Sienna’s reunion. After reading about them and how miserable Paris was in the last 89 books (okay, I exaggerate but I really was getting kind of sick of it), I was relieved when they finally found each other. They both feel guilty for things that happened between them and things that happened in the past. Sienna feels guilty because now that she has found Paris, she has to leave him on Cronus’ orders to find Galen and seducing him. Yeah, let’s just stop there and ponder that for a moment. Sienna is described as not being gorgeous and her personality seems more scholarly and librarianish than seductress and she is aware of how she looks. Galen knows that Cronus has captured her and paired her with the demon Wrath and won’t trust her. So, why does Sienna believe she can just appear at Galen’s door and say, “Hey sweet cheeks, let’s scrog.”? I know Cronus has ordered her to and I know that Cronus has made her into a walking ambrosia vending machine which would make Galen addicted to her if he takes a sip of her but she doesn’t know that. Anyway, Sienna and Paris are falling for each other big time but the impending separation is always on their minds.

castle and dragon small
There seems to be a lot of distractions and interruptions getting in the way of Sienna just leaving and doing her thing with Galen. It was getting annoying and felt like the author was just throwing in any ingredient into the stew just for filler and it was kind of annoying. At least, that is how I felt while I was reading it. I now know a lot of it was plot and character building like with how Zacharel and Sienna interact with each other. It seems like a kinda-sorta friendship however dysfunctional it may be. She calls him “angel boy” and he calls her “demon girl” which is unusually snarky for his dry unemotional robotical character. I like it and I’m liking him more and more. Then there is the weirdo fallen angel with the pink hair who is obsessed with the goddess, Viola. He thinks Paris wants her so he finds Paris and Sienna in the cave and fights him. Zacharel takes him away after the fight so Paris and Sienna can have some alone time. We later find out where Zacharel takes him which is really odd.
The end of the book has a lot of surprises and some things that aren’t such big surprises but needed to happen but I don’t want to spoil anything for the readers who haven’t read this book yet so I won’t blurt it out right here. Some things are put to rest and have closure and some things were just revealed. The remaining books will be about all new battles and villains.
Cronus has Rhea chained to his bed. Every day he brings in a Hunter and gives her a choice to be beaten and released or to let him kill the Hunter. She, of course, lets the Hunters be killed until one day she chooses to be beaten instead when a couple is brought in together which peaks Cronus’ attention but he kills the couple anyway. Rhea laughs at him and tells him the girl he just killed is Sienna’s sister, Skye. She tells him that she knew about his leverage against Sienna and how he has turned Sienna into an ambrosia slurpee. She also tells him she knows just about everything he knows with what the All Seeing Eye has predicted and that she could have left at any time because with Cronus having the All Key, she also has it because they are connected. She was just waiting for him to kill Skye and then she poofs out of the room.
STOP! Don’t read any more if you don’t want to know what happens in the rest of the book.

Are you sure you want to read the spoilers?
To fix things and keep Sienna under his thumb, Cronus takes Sienna to the Chamber of Futures and shows her painting of all the terrible outcomes if she kills Galen like Paris will die. Then he tells her Rhea had Skye killed and shows her the body. Wrath tells Sienna something is wrong with what Cronus is telling her but he didn’t know what.
Side stories … SPOILER ALERT!!
Kane is in hell being tortured and sexually molested by his demon’s minions who want his sperm to procreate. He doesn’t want them to have his sperm because he knows he would care about any children he creates. Two of the four horsemen find him. Boy, are those guys weird! Their moral compasses must have been melted from the heat in hell. A woman unchains him. He asks her to kill him but she refuses and tells him that he will be killing her. I’m thinking that this is the female horseman that was predicted to sleep with him and cause the apocalypse.
Galen makes a deal with the Unspoken Ones and kidnaps Ashlyn to trade for Legion. Ashlyn goes into labor and the female Unspoken one wants her babies. Legion makes a blood pact with Galen that she will go with him and do anything he wants and never try to escape so that Galen will release Ashlyn and not hurt the warriors. He does and by doing so breaks his deal with the Unspoken Ones. They vow to kill him when they are released which only can happen if Cronus dies. The warriors then stab and beat Galen before they take Ashlyn to safety. Gwen, who is Galen’s daughter, shoots him with an arrow into his heart.
All of the Lords of the Underworld are now in the Realm of Blood and Shadows in the castle with Sienna and Paris because Danika had a vision of something bad happening at the fortress in Budapest so they had to relocate for a while. Ashlyn gives birth to her twins with the help of William who saves her from them clawing their way out of her body. Nobody thanks William which I think is bull-poop. I hate how everyone treats William poorly when he has been a giant help to the Lords of the Underworld. He’s entertaining as all get out too. I like how he keeps renaming the twins with names like Murder and Mayhem, Pistol and Shank and Blood and Gore.
Viola, the goddess housing Narcissism seems to have moved herself in with the warriors.
Cronus gives Torin his All Key for safe keeping so Cronus can imprison Rhea when he catches again. <!–more–>
The big battle happens. All of the warriors along with the angels go against Cronus and the Titans. Rhea, Galen and most all the Hunters are there too fighting against Cronus and the warriors. It’s a weird three-way battle. Sienna ends up taking Cronus’ head and receiving all his powers. She is now the Titan queen. That baffles me because she is so ungoddess-like. It is hard for me to believe that the Titan gods and goddess would follow her but oh well, whatever. Both demons that belonged to Cronus and Rhea are now on the loose in the world. Sienna lets Galen live and makes him free Legion.
Sienna visits Zacharel and finds the pink-haired fallen angel naked and chained to his bed. She sees Zacharel coming out of his bathroom naked and wet. I thought the angel’s robes kept them clean so why the shower? He had a black spot above his heart and whip marks. We never really find out what this is all about but it is punishment for something. At the end of the book, we find out Zacharel will be starring in Gena Showalter’s Angels of the Dark series. I guess I have a new series to read after this one.

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