The Darkest Surrender – Lords of the Underworld – Gena Showalter


Book #8

SLAP! That’s what I wanted to do to Strider throughout the first half of the book. He was such an asshole to Kaia and kept pushing her away and acting like he was doing her a favor by helping her. Then all of the sudden, he wanted her. It was like BOOM. He just shows up and decides that it’s time for them to get it on. Bipolar much?? Besides that. I liked this book.

I loved Kaia, like I do all the Skyhawk sisters. She’s spunky with a smart mouth. One of my favorite parts in the book was when Strider tells her that they are going somewhere but doesn’t tell her where. She’s dressed in a red barely there dress. The V of the neckline cuts to her navel and the hemline barely covers her butt. When they get to the destination and it is a bar she says, “You should have told me. I would have worn my slutty outfit.”

I’m glad Kaia had lots of confidence because she had a lot of people judging her from something she did centuries ago. They all called her Kaia the Disappointment. Her mother even abandoned her to side with her enemy, Juliette. I don’t know how the Skyhawk sisters with the exception of Taliyah turned out so loving with a mom like that. Juliette had a reason to be mad at Kaia for letting her consort loose but Juliette had him chained in the first place which suggested he wasn’t such a willing lover. The other Harpies were mad because when he was freed, he killed half of them but they were more angry with Kaia than the consort who we later learned his name, Lazarus. That was strange thinking on the part of the Harpies. She and her family were uninvited to the games for the next hundred and some odd years after that.

When they were invited to the games again or more like summoned, they get there to learn that Juliette is running things. She has found Lazarus again and by the chains on his wrists, he doesn’t look willing to be there. They find out their mother has disowned her children and has formed her own team. And the biggy…the prize for first place is the Paring Rod, the fourth artifact needed to find Pandora’s Box which makes Strider more interested in the outcome of the games.


One of the things that bothered me was that Harpies are never to tell anyone about their weaknesses or they could be put to death yet her mother tells them that she set up the ambush in the cave for Kaia. Maybe she didn’t tell the Hunters any Harpy secrets but clearly someone told the Hunters who shot at them on the way to the portal to Rhea’s Garden in the Heavens about avocado pits and salt being potentially deadly to Harpies. We never found who actually told them but it was probably Juliette so why didn’t Juliette get called out on it? Also, why not kill Juliette to free Lazarus rather than kill Lazarus? I liked him.

Side Stories

Finally, Kane has a part in the story. He is summoned by the Moirai better known as the Fates. I felt like I was hearing that ‘Who’s on first’ skit while listening to the Fates talk to one another. They ask him why he started the apocalypse. They pop back to earth where William was in Nowhere, Nebraska killing Gilly’s parents. William explains to Kane that the only way he would start the apocalypse is if Kane sleeps with the only female of the four horsemen. They get bombed and captured by Hunters or a Hunter’s wife who is a doctor or drop-out doctor. I wasn’t real clear on her reason for wanting William and Kane but someone takes Kane to Hell. William tries to rescue him but gets captured too.

Paris is running around Titania looking for Sienna. Cronus has her hidden somewhere.

Paris’ book is next so we’ll finally see what is going on there.
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