The Darkest Secret – Lords of the Underworld – Gena Showalter

Book #7
This romance surprised me because I thought from the last book The Darkest Lie that Strider was the one going to fall in love with Haidee and I was fiercely against it because I really did not like her. She was too much against the Lords of the Underworld and even laughed about Baden’s death when Strider held her as his prisoner at the motel.
Hadiee changed her name to Haidee for modern times so I’ll call her Haidee from here on out unless it is a reference to the past. In the last book, Strider had caught her but couldn’t bring himself to kill her. He gets home to the fortress with his new prisoner all proud of himself that he sacked the infamous Hadiee just to find that almost everyone is gone. Torin is there and shows Strider that there are a bunch of angels guarding Amun’s room. In the last book, Amun, Aeron and William went to Hell to retrieve Legion. Hundreds of demons were absorbed into Amun’s body… not just their thoughts but the actual demons so Amun is basically crazy, writhing in pain and could be dangerous to the world. The angels, especially one particularly emotionless angel called Zacharel are there to ensure Amun causes no harm to anyone and to kill him if he cannot be saved.
Strider drops Haidee in the hallway to enter Amun’s bedroom and sees that Amun has dark shadows crawling all over him and that Amun has clawed himself and even tried to claw his own eyes out in an attempt to kill himself. Strider decides to chain him so he cannot hurt himself. An angel picks Haidee up and puts her in the bedroom next to Amun’s room. He tells Strider that he could sense her infection but doesn’t elaborate.
When Haidee wakes up, she hears someone calling to her. She pulls the wallpaper and plaster off the wall and finds a doorway to Amun’s room. She sees him lying there and thinks he is her boyfriend, Micah who looks similar to Amun. She feels a greater connection to him than she has ever felt before and he is soothed by her touch and her presence. At first, they both really do not know who the other is but even when they learn their true identities, their attraction is stronger than the need to punish the other one. Strider is so upset by this that he takes off to go on vacation.
Zacharel sends Amun and Haidee on a quest to hell in order to save Amun. They learn things about each other and I even started liking Haidee because she actually had a reason to hate the Lords so she thought. We all know that in the beginning when they first received their demons that they murdered and burned whole villages so of course, someone is going to have a grudge against them.
SPOILER ALERT.. Do not read this next paragraph if you don’t want to know what happens.
Something that really bugged me while Amun and Haidee were in Hell was that after Amun’s demons were purged, Amun and Haidee stayed there and fell asleep. They were in HELL! I thought that was really stupid of them.
Side Stories
Strider takes William with him to go on vacation but William wants to take a detour first to go kill Gilly’s parents. They meet up with Paris who is in Texas. While they are partying near the pool complete with strippers, William sees Sienna pop in and grabs ahold of Paris’ ankle. Then he sees Cronus pop in to take Sienna away. He tells Strider and Paris while it is happening but neither of them can see it but it does freak Paris out enough to depress him more. They head toward wherever Gilly’s parents live in a stolen vehicle. These guys are loaded. Why do they have to steal a vehicle? It’s not like they are Harpies who have to steal. Lucien pops in with Kaia while the men are getting snacks. She is left there to go on the trip with the warriors. She tells Strider that Hunters are on his tale and she also tells him that she is interested in him but Strider decides to be a dick to her so she ends up taking off.
Has anyone noticed that Kane and Cameo are hardly ever mentioned? Cameo has been mentioned more than Kane though.
Strider’s book is next. I hope Kaia kicks his ass a few times.

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