The Darkest Passion – Lords of the Underworld – Gena Showalter

Book #5

For some time now, Aeron has felt the presence of an angel, a demon assassin.  Olivia was sent to kill him for helping his little demon friend, Legion escape from Hell even though Aeron was unaware that he helped her or that it was forbidden but when Legion found him chained and buried underground near Hell, she was bound to Aeron. It enabled her to escape Hell and then come and go as she pleased.

Olivia, the angel sent to kill Aeron, has just been promoted from being a bringer of joy to a warrior angel. Aeron is her first job but after following Aeron around, she is unable to bring herself to kill him. When she refuses to kill him, she is cast from Heaven into Hell where she is tortured by demons and her wings are ripped off. She escapes and finds Aeron with whom she wants to have a relationship with but Aeron is unsure what to think of this angel.

Olivia is given 14 days to live with Aeron and then she has to decide if she wants to return to her station again. She tells Lysander that she will not change her mind. He tells her until her 14 days are up, a new executioner will not be sent to kill Aeron. Olivia decides to make it the best two weeks of her life.

Legion is pissed when she discovers Olivia is at the fortress and attacks Cameo, Kaia and Olivia. Aeron saves Olivia and sends Legion to her room but she flashes to Hell instead. Aeron thinks of Legion as his daughter but as Olivia tries to explain to him, Legion wants a romantic relationship with Aeron. Aeron does not want to believe it.

While Legion is in Hell, Lucifer strikes a bargain with her. He tells her that he can make it so that Aeron wants her sexually but he would have to change her looks because she is so ugly. I had to laugh at the conversation. Lucifer tells her, Yes, you are indeed ugly. Actually, saying you are ugly is being kind. I can hardly stand to look at you. In fact, to settle my stomach I’m going to have to stare just over your shoulder while we finish this conversation.” Then during the same conversation he tells her, “and while a forked tongue has its uses in bed, I’d probably get rid of that. Your lisp is annoying.”

The deal is… If Legion fails to get Aeron into her bed willingly, Lucifer gets to take over her new sexy body. It is a loophole he has been waiting for to escape Hell. Of course, Legion takes the deal. She returns to the fortress and turns from green scaly demon into a beautiful woman in front of Aeron’s eyes. Olivia warns him of what Legion probably had done to get her new body.

Later…actually, right after Aeron and Olivia finally make love and Aeron starts to think he wants a future with her, Legion springs the truth on Aeron and tells him that in order for Lucifer not to take over her body, she has to sleep with him. And oh yeah, Lucifer hates the Lords of the Underworld and wants to kill them all. Aeron, being the selfless man he is, knows he has to sleep with Legion and tells her he knows what has to be done which will ruin his chance to be with Olivia.

My thoughts kept voting for Aeron to lop off Legion’s head. A dead Legion would mean no Lucifer invasion. Right?

Meanwhile, half the Lords are in Rome again looking for clues to find the artifacts. The Unspoken show themselves and tell them that they want Cronus’ head and they will show them where the remaining artifacts are but they have made the same deal with Galen and the Hunters. They show the Lords a scene where the demon Distrust is being joined with a woman’s body. So now, they know that the Hunters can indeed kill them without releasing their demons into the world. The Unspoken tell the Lords that they will let them think upon it and then flash them to a jungle full of Hunters.


Aeron and Olivia find Scarlet, the keeper of Nightmares and Shadows. They lock her up in the fortress’ prison. Something funky is going on between Scarlet and Gideon. She seems to know him but he can’t remember her.

Lysander seems to be popping up left and right and spilling all kinds of secrets like Cronus and his wife Rhea are warring with each other. While Cronus is on the Lords of the Underworld’s side, Rhea is on Galen and the Hunter’s side. Cronus and Rhea are both possessed by demons. Cronus has Greed and Rhea has Strife. Rhea has supplied the Hunter with water from the five rivers of Realm of Hades which the Hunters are using to poison their bullets. It could mean certain death for anyone shot with them. Lysander gives an antidote of a tiny vial of water from the River of Life. He tells them a tiny drop will do but the vial is all they get.

Galen has the Cloak of Invisibility.

Throughout the story, I kept thinking that Aeron was going to get out of his death sentence somehow. Even after Danika paints a scene where Lysander cuts his head off, I think he is going to escape it.

Talk about a George R.R. Martin moment! If you know what I mean…

I don’t want to ruin anything for anyone but I was shocked. I cried my eyes out.

This author is keeping me on my toes.

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