Crave the Night – Midnight Breed Series by Lara Adrian

Book 12

I read this series a long time ago and keep up with the books as they come out because I really enjoy the story and the characters. I used to not be able to get enough of this series. That being said…

I have to say I was let down by this book. I think it may be that I’m not a big fan of following the children of the previous Midnight Breed characters. Maybe this should have been a spinoff series. But mostly, I think I just could not get into the characters of Nathan and Jordana. They pale in comparison to the characters in the previous Midnight Breed books. What was so fascinating about the previous generation was that they were centuries old, they struggled and had to hide from the human world which gave them insight and made them powerful. Their children are less than 30 years old so they don’t have the experience and have lived pampered lives compared to their parents.

Nathan is a Gen One Vampire who was raised to be a killer or Hunter until his mother and step-father rescued him when he was 13. He is the leader of his squad and runs it efficiently and expects everyone to follow orders and do their job.

To me, he seemed to have no control of his crew because when they are in the club on a mission, Aric loses control and throws a tantrum. Nathan does nothing to punish him or get him under control. Aric seems to throws tantrums a lot over his twin sister, Carys’s choice of boyfriend. He just blows his duty off because of his lack of control yet Nathan does nothing about it.

What also makes me question Nathan’s character is that he likes to pay for sex in a BDSM club. I get that his character is supposed to be aloof and wants to keep distant from women but BDSM is all about trusting your partner. I don’t get how it is okay for a male character to be a slut when the female is expected to be a virgin. It grosses me out and is double standard.

Jordana is a privileged society girl who grew up with money and is promised to a man who she really is not in love with just to please her father. She seems to not have any backbone. She works in a museum and has a good education. She is nice enough but nice isn’t enough for me to like someone. I need someone who stands up for themselves or has a better reason not to stand up for herself than daddy getting mad.

Nathan and Jordana meet, have some lame excuses why they can’t be together but can’t stop lusting after each other. Nathan can’t even seem to do his job because he is thinking with his dick so much. Jordana can do her job at least.

I did enjoy the rest of the story. I like the story of the Atlanteans or however you spell it. I hope the next book is better than this one. I don’t know if I can stomach another book if the characters are ..boy…me macho and girl..I’m an innocent virgin, good and pure and here to serve my man as long as he gives me an awesome orgasm.

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